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Mitchell William A. 26 Argyle road Moberly Mrs. Prospect villa,
Portswood road Moberly William H. Beechwood,
Midanbury, West End Moffitt Mrs. 6 Rockstone place Mohun Mrs. Mabel villa, 89
Waterloo road, Freemantle Molson Mrs. E. 2 Dorset place, Nor-
tham road Molyneaux A. Osborne villa, 37
Millbrook road. Hill Monck Miss, 15 Cumberland place Monck Mrs. 2 Lower Bridge road Monday Miss, Hermon villa, 20
Waterloo road, Freemantle Monday The Misses, Milford villa,
34 Waterloo road, Freemantle Money William, 16 Oxford road,
Bevois mount Monk Thomas, 12 Park road, Freemantle
Monteuuis Auguste 14, Cumberland place
Moody Arthur, 27 Fanshawe street,
Newtown Moody Oliver, 15 Park street, Shirley
Moody Mrs. Trisanton villa, 123
Millbrook road, Freemantle Moody Waltr. 9 Alexandra rd. Hill Moon Edwin, 12 Cranbury avenue,
Newtown Mooney Rev. T. Plunkett B.A. St. Denys Parsonage, Belmont place, Portswood Moore James, Clifton cottage, 57
Padwell road, Bevois mount Moorman Mrs. E. Prospect cottage,
29 Winchester road, Shirley Morris Andrew, 17 Durnford terrace, Derby road Morris Andrew, Wyndham villa,
Cambridge road, Bevois mount Morris Henry, Cleveland cottage,
14 Waterloo road, Freemantle Morris James, 57 Milton road,
Fitzhugh Morris Mrs. 3 Bevois terrace,
Bevois hill Morris Mrs. A. 19 Northbrook road Morris Richard William, The Elms, The Polygon
Morris William, 2 Buckland terrace,
Lodge road, Bevois mount Mortimer Samuel, 14 Brunswick square
Morton Capt. J. Highbury villa, Alma road, Spear Hall Estate, Bevois mount Mortin Isaac, Thurston villa, 111
Millbrook road, Freemantie Morton J. L. Boundary hall, Burgess street, Highfield Moseley Maurice, 86 Argyle road Moses M. A. Hanover house, 20
Hanover buildings Mouland Jas. 79 St. Andrew's road Mount Rev. Canon Robt. (Catholic),
48 Bugle street Moxley James, Norman house,
Avenue road Moyle Mrs. 9 Anglesea terrace,
Bevois hill Muir Andrew Yewberry, 45 Alexandra road, Hill Muir John, Florence villa, 48
Alexandra road, Hill Mulford Wm. Hy. 21 Waterloo pi. Muller Mrs. C. 12 Oxford street Mumford Alfred, Sussex house, 5
Albion place Munday Charles, 7 Above bar Munday J. C. Weighbridge house,
85 Marland place, Above bar Munday Wm. R.N. 2 Cambridge cot. Cambridge rd. Bevois mount Munn Lewis A. 4 Cliff terrace,
Cliff road, Bevois town Murfin Mrs. L. 9 Anglesea road, Shirley
Murnaghan Arthur William, 1 Rochdale terrace, Lodge road, Bevois mount Murnaghan George, Northbrook
house, Northbrook road Murnaghan Mrs. H. Osborne villa,
Avenue road Murray Geo. Fredk. Spear villa,
2 Spear road. Bevois town Murray Mrs. Henry,11 Anglesea ter Murray Wm. 11 Buckland terrace
Lodge road, Bevois mount Murton Capt. William, Ladbroke house, 21 St. James's rd. Shirley
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