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Litten John, Baroda house, 76
Waterloo road, Freemantle Little Frederick Bartlett, Ross-ville, 152 Millbrook road, Free-mantle
Little Matthew, 78 Durnford terrace, Derby road Littlecott Henry, Ellora' cottage,
Oxford road, Bevois mount Littlecott Mrs. 2 Buckland terrace,
Lodge road, Bevois mount Loader Alfred, Milroy villa, 50
Carlton road, Fitzhugh Locke Mrs. Rosemary cottage,
Adelaide road, St. Denys Lockstone —. 2 Abbottsfield villas,
St. Denys road Lomer Cecil, Rossmore, 10 Angle-
sea road, Shirley Lomer W. Randall, St. Andrew's
lodge, East Marlands Long Mrs. Frances, Kertch house,
11 Orchard place Long Robert, Maisonette, Mill-
brook road, Freemantle Long T. Aberdeen road, St. Denys Longman Mrs. Park house, 84 Hill
lane, hill Longman The Misses, 15 Alexandra
road, Hill Lorden Samuel, 3 Cranbury place Love George Mann, 8 Lower Portland terraca Lovelock George, Lincoln cottage,
Cambridge road, Bevois mount Lowe Charles A. 5 Milford place,
Blechynden Lowman George, River view, 181
Millbrook road, Freemantle Lowman Mrs. C. 21 Hanover bldgs. Lowman William Jno. Isis villa,
58 Waterloo road, Freemantle Lucas A. H. 25 Manchester street Lucas Edmund William, 74 Mar-
land place Lucas James, Hawkstone villa,
Lodge road, Bevois mount Lucas James. Hoston villa, Cambridge road, The Avenue Lucker James, Myrtle cottage, 12
Padwell road, Bevois mount Luckham John, Hazelwood house, Wilton road, Fitzhugh
Luckham Mrs. Cambrian villa,
Osborne road, Bevois hill Lucy Charles Frederick, Irene villa, 71 Millbrook road, Freemantle
Lukin Mrs. Woodside, Spring road,
Portswood Lukis William Henry, West Bay
cottage, Bugle street Lungley George, Norfolk house, 8 Blechynden terrace, Blechynden Lunn Thomas, Wallop lodge, 41
Winchester road, Shirley Lunn William, Glen Fern, Archer's
road, 78 The Avenue Lury Harford, 22 East Park terrace Lush Edward Jno. 7 St. Alban's
terrace, Derby road Lush Mrs. Ferry hill, 17 Cavendish
grove, The Avenue Lyne George A. 15 Belle Vue road Lynn Mrs. Woodside, Spring road,
Portswood Lyons James, Irene villa, 69 Millbrook road, Freemantle Maber Mrs. Portswood house,
Portswood Macaulay Miss, 20 Blechynden terrace, Blechynden Mackintosh Mrs. Martaban villa,
30 Alexandra road, Hill Mack Mrs. 4 Alma terrace, Avenue road
Mackay Robert, 4 Oxford road,
Bevois mount Mackett George Henry, 45 Padwell
road, Bevois mount Mackey Mrs. 5 Fitzhugh place,
Cromwell road. Fitzhugh Mackey Rev. H. 0. (Baptist)
Clifton villa 8 Hill lane, Hill Mackie David, Beech Lea, 4 Cavendish grove, The Avenue Maclaren Thos. Apsley villa, 38
Waterloo road, Freemantle MacLean Dr. Wm. Campbell, 28
Carlton crescent Macormac Jno. Apsey house,
Northam road Macormac John, 19 Blechynden
terrace, Blechynden Macey Charles, Wilverley house, Cambridge road, Bevois mount
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