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Jordan Mrs. 7 Laura pi. Above bar Jordan Thos. 38 Anderson's road, Chapel
Joyce James, Carlton house, 87
Millbrook id. Freemantle Judd Miss E. Warwick villa, 142
Shirley rd. Freemantle Judges M. 75 Northbrook road Jurd Wm. Kent cottage, 3 Union
road, .Freemantle Jutton Henry, North view, 12
Albert rd. Hill Keary Mrs. Hy. 7 Bockstone place Kebbell Be v. C. D. (Vicar of St.
James), 11 Queen's terrace Keele Dr. C. P. 8 Lower Prospect place Keele Miss, Highfield lodge, High-field
Keele Philip M. Langleigh cottage,
Park rd. Portswood Keele The Misses, Langleigh cottage, Park rd. Portswood Kilder Mr. St. Denys road .
Keller Francis, 31 Carlton crescent Kelley John, 6 Fitzhugh place,
Cromwell rd. Fitziiugh Kelly Rev. J. A. chaplain to the Infirmary and curate to St. Matthew's, Wilton lodge, 56 Bedford place Kemp Frank, 6 Argyle road Kemp H. 168 Shirley road, Freemantle
Kemp James, Eockingham, 70
Waterloo rd. Freemantle Kemp Miss, Ollerton house, 62
Paynes road, Freemantle Kemp Thos. 34 Terminus terrace Kennedy Ed. Olive house, lodge rd
Bevois mount Kenny Wm. 30 East Park terrace Kent Mrs. Leacroft, 14 Shirley rd.
Freemantle Kerchevall Mrs. 15 Upper Belle
Vue terrace Kersting Chas. 8 Buckland terrace,
Lodge rd. Bevois mount Key Mrs. 17 Brighton road Killby Wm. Andrew,- 4 Portland st King Charles, 5 Upper Chamber-lay ne place, Newtown
King Fred. Stiles, Eothley villa,
Portswood rd. Bevois hill King George, M.13. 70 Marland pi King Henry, Arlington house, lJark
piace, 57 Bedford place King J. 7 Havelock terrace, West
Marlands King John James, Myrtle villa,
12 Waterloo road, Freemantle King Mrs. 3 Brunswick place King Mrs. 45 Foundry lane, Freemantle
King Eev. A. S. Brunei cottage,
Avenue road King The Misses, 14, Blechynden
terrace, Blechynden King Walter, 15d Milton road,
Fitzhugh King W. B. Bamfield cottage, Hill Kinkhead Edward, Hurst house,
1 Waterloo rd. Freeinantle Kinsey Wm. Carey cottage, 77
Paynes rd. Freemantle Kirbey Miss, Blenheim lodge,
5 Eomsey rd. Shirley
Kirk Mrs. 17 Onsiow rd. Newtown Knapton Dr. George, Fernside,
bpring rd. Portswood Kmobs vVm. Richmond villa, Eich-
mond rd. Freemantle Knight Arthur John, Hazeldena,
Archers road Knight Wm. Branksome, 46 The Avenue
Knovker Augustine, Bombay villa,
6 The Avenue
Knott Alfred, 7 Saxon road, Freemantle
Knott Henry, 7 Clarendon terrace,
Bridge road Knott Mrs. 8 Wilton rd. Shirley Knowlton H. 2 Angiesea cottages,
Avenue road Knox John, 49 Cromwell rd. Fitzhugh
Kohler Frank, 60 Argyle road Lacy Major-General William, The Polygon
Laidiaw The Misses, Northampton villa, 146 Millbrook road, Free-mantle
Lake Dr. G. A. K. 13 East Park ter.
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