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119 Crawley Chas. agent
120 Lawrence Geo. cabinet maker
121 Gilfoy Miss, dressmaker
121 Gregory Arthur, commission
122 Hall Mrs. F.
123 Dolphin Ralph, outfitter's assis-
i Wm. transfer officer
124 Vaccination Station held here
125 Hall J. C. plumber
126 Walton Wm. compositor
127 Batson John, shopman
ioa Domoney B. plasterer
130 Dunlop Hugh, draper
131 Churcher John, cook
132 Clark Jas. cabinet maker
133 Campbell Henry Wm. chief
134 House Heram, carpenter Bible Christian Chapel
135 Parsons Alick, basket maker
135 Stout Miss, dressmaker
136 Thompson Archibald, tobacco
137 Winzar Bobt. plumber and
16 Brannon E. milliner Jemont Chas. hairdresser
18 Tyson S.M.& A. photographers
and picture-frame makers
19 Bowyer Mrs. fish dealer
20 Best Biehd. china and glass
warehouse Wassell John' signalman
22 Drmkwater Mrs. C. butcher
23 Brown Harry, baker and con-
of ^e^venu chemist
27 Bnggs Walter E. Netherburu
Arms *
28 Purse John, tailor
Jftr8 H' engineer & machinist
30 Pothercary Fredk. fish salesman
31 Bullen Walter, tinplate worker
here is Chapel street.
ST. MARY'S ST. East street to St. Mary's road and New road, here is York street.
1 Mitchell Wm. B. grocer
2 Hawkins Isaac, pork butcher
3 Patten John, fish salesman
4 Moors Joseph H. glass & brush
5 Spain & Co. oil and lamp mer-
here is Church row.
6 Wallbridge Geo. Chas. Green
7 Taylor Mrs. A. dining rooms
8 Bell Jas. corn & coal merchant
9 & 10 St. Mary's Coffee Tavern
and Workman's Institute-Isaac Tippett, manager
11 Short Jas. F. fruiterer
12 Denton C. dried fish merchant
13 & 14 Clifford Jas. Silas, draper
here is Cook street.
15 Masson Alex. Foresters' Arms
32 Stewart Hy. Alex. Kagle Tavern Bromley Hy. wood turner and 0 _ sexton St. Mary's Church
Ik £rSbe Edmund> Prince Consort
35 Pothercary Wm. fish and fruit salesman
36 & 37 Union Workhouse Boys' School—Thos. Hardie, master here is Harrison's cut.
38 & 39 Union Workhouse Girl's School—Miss Caroline Mons, mistress
40 Harris Morris, clothier
41 Budden Wm. & Sons, printers, An ti.??? ®ders, & tobacconists ao 2r^fens, e0, ironmonger
a a t Chas. Resolution Inn
44 Cohen L. picture-frame maker
45 Perkins Wm. Walter, Masom
here is St. Mary's buildings.
46 Rogers Jas. fish salesman
47 Bobinson 8. A. butcher
here is Pope's buildings.
48 Thornback Chas. 8. butcher
kc\ x^itt watchmaker
50 Earley Thos. fruiterer
Clapham Geo. baker and con fectioner
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