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3 Hughes J. H. & Co. chemists
4 Miller & Son, outfitting depot
5 Bicknell John, Ship Tavern
6 Miller & Son, tailors & woollen
7 Officers House — Capt. H. T.
Strutt, master
8 Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.
9 Thomas J. Blount, nautical
instrument maker 9 Franklin Chas. ditto manager
10 Southampton New Steam Tow-
ing Co.
11 Dunlop Geo. & Co. shipping and
general agents
12 & 13 Awberry Wm. Canute Hotel
here is Royal crescent.
Oriental Buildings.
1 Doling J. Temperance Restaurant
1 Bremer F. W. ship and insur-
ance agent 3 Keller, Wallis,&Postlethwaite, Lloyds' agents
Oriental Place.
2 Union Steamship Company
(Limited) — Capt. W. R. Dixon, supt.
3 Obree J. F. & Co. shipping and
insurance agents
4 Smith, Sundius, & Co. ship-
ping agents
5 Dawson Bros, ship and insur-
ance brokers
6 Harper G.. T.& Co. steamship
owners and brokers
6 Harper G. T. shipping agent
7 & 8 Hoffman G. Crown Dock
9 Sinnette J. L. Lloyds' surveyor 9 Hickie, Borman, & Co. India
and Colonial agents 11 Stewart P. & Co. shipping agents and insurance brokers 11 The Cwmaman Coal Company
11 Queensland Government Emigration Office 11 Wolff J. Hy. correspondent to the Times and consul for Uruguay
11 Wolff, Phillips, & Co. cigar
merchants -
12 L. & N. W. Railway Company,
John Warren White, district agent
12 Guillaume H. Peruvian consul
13 Permain C. H. & Co. shipping
13 Swindon, Marlbro' & Cheltenham Extension Railway Offices—James M. Malibi, agent
Sailors' Home—resident manager, Wm. John Limbert Robinson John N. Marsh Hotel here is Floating Bridge road. On the Right Hand Side are— The Docks
Board of Trade offices, and the Custom House
dalene terrace to back of East Park terrace.
1 Whitfield Hy. shipping clerk
2 Hobbs Wm. printer Baptist Chapel
3 Sheath Ed. bricklayer
4 Poore John Major, shoeing
5 Garrett & Haysom, stone yard
CARLTON CRESCENT, London road to Carlton road.
1 Hill Wm. Burrough, Tarvet
2 Coyle Wm. Alexander
2 Paymaster's Office, Royal Engi-
neers ; Major Pyne, paymaster
3 White Rev. Geo. Cecil, M.A. St.
Paul's vicarage
4 Edwards Mrs.
4 Dodds Mrs.
5 Veale Dr. H.
6 Hine James
7 White Major S. Pilkington, R.E.
8 Barrett Miss L. R. Rockstone
9 Turner George
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