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ALBERT ST. )Northam), High
street to Albert place.
1 King Benj. painter
2 Bell Mrs. M.
3 Gore Chas. blacksmith
4 Mead Ed. carpenter
5 White Wm. greengrocer
7 Westlake Alfred, engine driver
8 Kowsell Lewis
9 Codrington Richd. labourer
10 Moody Luther, labourer
11 Head Stephen, labourer
litre is Campbell street and Albert place.
12 Britton Stephen, lath render
13 Hassell Geo. pensioner
14 Chick John, boot closer
J® Kenchington Joseph, labourer
16 Turl Geo. Wm, ship^vright
17 Lawrence Thos. H. boiler maker
18 Eastman Geo. labourer
19 Miller Horace, boiler maker
20 Kirby Robert, labourer
21 Marrett Frank, carter
22 White Wm. labourer
23 Bead Fredk. labourer
ALBERT ST. (Shirley), Church
road to Anglesea road.
1 Well Chas. gardener 3 King John, grainer 5 Ford Hy. painter 7 Holloway Wm. labourer 9 Mclver John, mariner 11 Young Alf. labourer 13 Churcher Mrs.
15 Monday Geo. carpenter 15 Monday Miss, day school 17 Bowers Frank, fireman 19 Rayner Jesse, carpenter 21 Penton Wm, labourer 23 Northover Eichd. insurance agent
here is Station road.
^rs' beer retailer 43 Edom Chas. seaman 45 Longman Clement gardener here is Anglesea road and Regent «« „ street.
deLC0°k ^ P> generaI
28 Bowles Geo. coachsmith here is Crown street.
10 Young John, general shop
8 Foot Samuel 6 Lake Alfred, plasterer 4 Goodchild Mrs. E.
2 Smith John, gardener
Mount), see Avenue road.
ALBION PLACE, High street to
Albion terrace and Forest view.
1 Foster Walter, printer and bookbinder
1 Plant Fred, foreman printer Bendle Joseph Saml. New Inn Fry Levi. Brazi.p.r's Ann*
Fry Levi, Brazier's Arms here is Castle lane.
2 Waters W. South of England Loan Co.
3 Mason Chas. bootmaker
4 Hodgson A. M. estate agent and valuer
5 Mumford Alfred
6 Watts Hy. Fredk. solicitor
6 Richards Hy. John, solicitor's clerk
7 Hickman & Son, solicitors 2 Hill W. Burrough, architect
and surveyor Jews Synagouge Bell Jas. Cliff cottage Knight John & Sons, Steam
Brush Works Masonic Hall Bigg8 John, manager
of the Southampton Masonic Hall Co.
here is Forest view.
1 Coyle The Misses, teachers of
music and dancing
2 Guy Harry Chas. solicitor Churton Fredk. consulting
engineer 4 Remsbury Wm. coachman
6 Perkins Wm. solicitor
7 Freeman Barnard, commercial
Mayes Waiter, Albion cottage
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