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15 Wipeman S. J. fine art reposi-
16 Isted Chas. sewing machine
Ed' & 8°n,butchers 17£Chapman Wm. umbrella manu-turer
J® ^Rler Miss, private school in wn-0n ^kas. boot warehouse
19 White John, auctioneer and
house agent
20 Warren Hy. printer and book-
20 Warren Mrs. registry office for servants
20 Jarvis M. & A. Berlin and fancy
21 Ebborn 0. A. & Son, confec-
22 Furber & Furber, auctioneers
and estate agents 22JMann Wm. cabinet maker and upholsterer
23 Perinain G. A. & Co. bedding
24 Pike H. M. carriage builder Congregational Chapel — Bev.
Carlisle, B.A. pastor ib Jjoog-Hermann, machine depot •
Trist, manager. 26 Analytical Tea and Coffee Com-
pauy ; Thomas Phillips, mnnager
26 Welch Louis Frank 26£Gilbert & Co. booksellers
27 Berry Wm. basket and brush
28 Tanner Lloyd, umbrella manu-
28 Potts E. grocer
29 South Hants Dairy Co.; H
Boyt, manager 30£Monck C. J. oyster depot and luncheon bar
30 Evans Geo- saddler
here is Hanover buildings.
31 Lickfold John, corn merchant 31 Pearce J. S, coal merchant 31£Burbage J. C. fruiterer & florist 3uaGraveley & Co. wine and spirit merchants
32 & 33Gutteridge E. & Son, toy
and fancy bazaar 34aGibson J. E. chemist
here is Pembroke square. Bamsden Jas. Pembroke Hotel here is the Bar-gate and Guildhall. Farrant Mrs. Coachmakers Arms here is Bargate street. 35aLulham Thos. boot warehouse Hibberd S. George Inn
Pope Geo. T. livery and bait stables
34 Page Geo. provision merchant Hunt Geo. portmanteau manufacturer
36 Brown & Son, pork butchers
37 Iracy W. G. draper
39 Batten H. C. cook and confectioner, «Parker's Restaurant "
40 Boyal Southampton Yacht Club —B. W. Wolff, sec.; Crook Jabez, resident steward
40 Perkins & Sons, the "Auction Mart"
41aStead John, lace and glove warehouse
41 Perkins Sir Fredk. wine & spirit merchant
42 Clement Hugh, tobacconist
42 Passenger G. M. china & glass warehouse
43 Allen B. confectioner
44 England U. fruiterer and game dealer
45 Permain G. A. & Co. linen warehouse
46 Caplen & Cl>. grocers
48 Kent H. B. & Co. furnishing TT a'1(* general ironmongers
49 Varley Mrs. Berlin and fancy
50 Hutchins L. ladies' outfitter
here is Spa road.
f t -P* watchmaker
52 Bendall Clias. clicmiat 52 Hampshire Independnt News-
i)2 Young Men's Christian Associfi.
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