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ABERDEEN RD. St. Denysroad to Priory road.
Privett & Cake, grocers Long T.
Barnes Mrs. Montrose cottage Bell Wm. sen.
Blake Chas. builder Chinchen Wm. mason Bullock Thos. warehouseman - Jeffery Wm. fireman Morris Wm. porter Ware Chas. laundryman Glasspool Tom, labourer Sherren Jas. labourer Bessant Fredk. baker Hann Albert, bricklayer Bayliss Chas. bricklayer Lowestoft Mrs.
Davey Nathan, carpenter Dibden Hy. painter, Charlton cottage
Hibberd Mrs. Ebenezer cottage Wilkins John, labourer Parkhurst Robt. John
here is Priory road.
Pearcey John, labourer Stacey "obt. porter Bishop Fredk. smith Carter W. carter Frampton Fredk. labourer Cox Thos. carpenter Wyatt J. labourer Tuck Alf. Chas. clerk, Cremona villa
Thomas Eobt. Chas. plasterer,
2 Clifton villa Wakeford Wm. Henry, engine
driver, 1 Clifton villa Welch Charles Masters G. chair mender Bulpitt Wm. labourer Pullinger Geo. signalman Slater J. plumber Regen J. signalman
ABERDEEN STREET, Clifford street to Bevois street.
1 Guster Wm. mariner
2 Stride Thos. seaman
3 Grant Edward, yacht's eook
here is Ascupart street.
ABOVE BAR, from Sussex place to the Bar-gate and Guildhall.
1 Ridgway Joseph, pianoforte
2 Brown Hy. fishmonger
3 Kidwell Geo. Sussex Tavern
here is Sussex terrace.
4 Appleton Geo. butcher 4aHammond & Son, pianoforte
5 Millward & Martell, watch
makers and jewellers
5 Martell Arthur G.
6 Primer & White, boot warehouse
7 Batten G. W. tailor and habit
7 Munday Charles
8 Candy Henry, pork butcher
9 Travers Andrew, fruiterer and
here is Pound Tree lane.
10 Clark Fredk. Thos. butcher
11 Southampton Times d'-Hampshire Express office
12 Laughland & Co. tailors and
outfitters, Caledonian house Black M. A. Royal Hotel Southampton Club Royal Hotel Billiard Rooms, wine and spirit vaults, & bar 12aWarren Mrs. wine and spirit vaults and refreshment rooms
13 Steptoe W. tobacconist
14 Andrews Arthur, carriage buil-
14£Shapley G. confectioner
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