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Arnold, W. W., engraver O.S.O., 2, Closeburn terrace, Middle street, Bevois
Amsby, William, beer retailer, Castle lane, High street Art, School of, Philharmonic Hall, Above bar
Arter, George, 17, Carlton place „ ^ x -n ., ,
Arthur, Hugh, supt. engineer R.M.S. Co., 2, Brighton terrace, Bridge road Arthur, J., " Sailor's Return," Millbrook
Arthur, Mrs., 15, Anglesea place i
Artillery Volunteers' Drill Hall, 1st Hants, St. Mark s road (Hall keeper,
Sergt. Beel, 12, Brinton's terrace.)
Arundell, Miss, 7, Carlton crescent Ash, Mrs., lodging-house keeper, 3, Bellevue place Ashby, Edmund (Hooper and Aphby), Glenbourne, Hill lane, Four posts Ashby, Francis, brewer, Totton _ ^
Ashby, Henry, beer retailer, clerk to Dock Co., the Bee Hive inn, Four
posts, Hill
Ashdown, William, general outfitter, 3£, Bridge street
Asher, Joseph, fly proprietor, 2, Canute road
Ashley, George, steward, 30, South front
Ashwell, Harry, superintendent, 24, Glebe road
Ashworth, James, A., medical botanist, 46, New road
Aslatt, George, Fitzroy villa, Avenue
Aslatt, H. P., coach builder, 85, Marland place
Aslatt, Miss, 4, Cliff terrace, Bevois town
Aslatt, Mrs., 82, Marland place
Aslatt and Son, coach builders, Marland place
Aston, Mrs., register office, 23, Orchard street
Atherley, G., banker, 172, High street; private residence, Northbrook house,
Bishop's Waltham,
Athey, Miss M., dressmaker, 6, Padwell road, Bevois town Atkins, Benjamin, upholsterer, 2, Oriental cottage, Vincent's walk Atkins, E., banker, Bassett Atkins, John, clerk, Redbridge
Atkins, Thomas, builder, 3, Pier place, Kent road, St. Deny's
Atkins, William, grocer, 65, St. Andrew's road
Atkinson, Mrs., Lincoln cottage, Millbrook road, Freemantle
Attree, Mrs., Priory lodge, Dundee road, St. Deity's
Attrill, John, joiner, 63, Belvedere terrace, Northam
Attrill, John, policeman, Wilton cottage, Cedar road, Bevois town
Attwood, George, bailiff, Holly cottage, Hound
Attwood, J., bricklayer, 21, Liverpool street, Bevois town
Atwell, John A., copper smith, 4, Osborne road, Hill
Aubrey, William D., British School master, 36, South front
Auchmerty, Miss, Fir cottage, Bitterne road, Bitterne
Audit House, 120, High street
Austen, Mrs., Polygon villa, Polygon
Austen, Walter Crees, chemist and druggist, 103, St. Mary street Austin, Nathan, tailor, 4, Lansdown hill Austin, William, cabinet maker, 105, St. Andrew's road Avery, William, Femside, Basset
Aves, Miss, schoolmistress, National schools, Totton x
Avery, Mrs., Cliff view, Millbrook road, FrcemanUc Awbery, A., green-grocer, 54, East street
Awbery, W., draper and silk mercer, 4, High street and 5, 6, 7, and 8, East street
Axe, Henry, butcher, 9, Cambridge terrace, Marsh Axtell, James, grocer, 3 and 4, Upper Prospect place Ayles, General, Clevelands, Basset Ayling, J., 2, Braughton cottages, Bevois Hill
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