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Punctual Attendance, every Wednesday, at 153, High Street, Southampton; every Tuesday, at 59, High Street, Winchester, each day from 10 till five o'clock.

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The Dentist, M.C.D.E., of 312, REGENT STREET (opposite the Polytechnic), and 23, MOORGATE STREET, E.G., London, in punctual attendance as above.
By the use of this, the most simple and successful agent, after an experience of upwards of 15,000 cases, Mr. B. L. MOSELEY, the Dentist, Member of the College of Dentists, England, and original introducr of this Gas, guarantees entire immunity from pain in every operation pertaining to Dental Surgery, and successful painless adaptation of artificial teeth. The daily experience of hospital and extensive private practice demonstrates that, unlike every other anaesthetic, the Nitrous Oxide Gas is innocuous and even pleasant, while want of success or the least pain is simply impossible. For confirmation of this vide Lancet and British Medical Journal of 15th January, 1870, and opinions of leading members of the faculty. In the use of Mr. B. L. Moseley's Painless Artificial Teeth the following results may be confidently relied on. All loose teeth are permanently fastened, and the Artificial Teeth as firm in the mouth as the natural. Such entire comfort, combined with a fit so perfect, is secured by this specialite, that the wearer, so far from being inconvenienced by his Artificial Teeth, is actually uncomfortable without them. In appearance and in use, both for eating and speaking, they are precisely the same as natural teeth—there is no difference whatever.
" Painless and conservative to a degree."—Standard.
"Ease and comfort most apparent, while mastification appears completely provided for."—Advertiser.
"Total absence of all springs or -wires—astonishing from the retentive power induced."—Morning Post.
From the Lancet, April 2nd, 1870 (p. 480)" The reasons why we advocate the use of Nitrous Oxide Gas are ' Its safety 1 The rapidity with which ansestliesia can be induced, viz., from 50 to 100 seconds ' Because it is actually pleasant to inhale, and therefore fright and mental distress are avoided ' Because recovery is usually right, pleasant, and complete, after discomfort being extremely rare.' "
"Nous on pcr'.om par experience, ayant confiel'extraction de deux de nos de.v:^ a 1-i. Vo^ly. ij denote de Recent-street, et n ayant ressenti de cotte opirr.cion i.v.c i u; doleur. Ii faut dire que nos avions etc preablement rendu z.yoiwivlv au moye i du gaz oxigene, agent d'uneinno cuite parfaite. Ce n'est uue operation ; o'est line simple formalite."—Courier de V Lurope."
:Ul2, REGENT STREET (opposite the Polytechnic), and 23, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON.
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