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founded by the bequest of the late henry robinson hartley esq., in the year 1850. publicly opened by the late viscount palmerston, e.g., in the year 1862.
" Established to promote the study and advancement of the Sciences of Natural History, Astronomy, Antiquities, and Classical and Oriental Literature in the Town of Southampton."
Trustees of the Bequest—The Mayor and Corporation of Southampton. Trustees of the Capital Fund—James Blatch, Esq.; T. P. Payne, Esc;. : Sir Frederick Perkins, M.P. ; W. Hickman, Esq.
the hartley council.
Ex-officio Member—The Worshipful the Mayor.
Corporation Members—Mr. Alderman Hickman (Chairman), Mr. Alderman Payne, Mr. Alderman Passenger, Mr. Alderman Buchan,; Mr. Councillor Abraham, Mr. Councillor Chipperfield, Mr. Councillor Ellyett, Mr. Councillor Le Feuvre, and Mr. Councillor Weston.
Non-Corporation Councillors—Mr. W. E. Darwin, B.A., Professor W. C. Maclean, and Mr. T. Falvey.
■Constituent Councillors—Mr. R G. Bassett, Dr. Langstaff, M.D., and Major-General Tryon.
Executive Officer and Secretary—Mr. T. W. Shore, F.C.S.
established 1830.
President—Edwin Jones, Esq.
Vice-Presidents—Mr. Cruickshank, Mr. W. Sims, Mr. Falvey, Mr. Bostock,
Mr. Chipperfield, and Mr. Meldrum.
Treasurer—Mr. Mosely.
Corresponding Secretary—Mr. T. James.
Financial Secretary—Mr. E. T. Howell.
Curators—Mr. Barton and Mr. Alex.
Librarian—Mr. J. T. Glasspool.
Committee—Mr. Barnard, Mr. Hine, Mr. Conolly, Mr. Phippard, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Tanner, Mr. Whittaker, Mr. Harman, Mr. Bridgen, Mr. Burba^e, Mr. Adams, Mr. Davis, Mr. Gutcli, Mr. Bell, and Mr. Glasspool.
Collector—Mr. H. J. Harvey, 7, Brinton's-road, who will attend at the Library, in Hanover-buildings, every Monday and Saturday evening from Seven till Nine p.m., to receive subscriptions.
Terms of Membership.—Member's ticket, with two privilege tickets, 12s. per annum ; with one privilege ticket, 9s. per annum; without any privilege ticket, 6s. per annum, payable half-yearly.
Lectures on literary and scientific subjects are delivered in the Hartley Hall, every Wednesday evening, at a quarter-past eight, from the middle of September to the end of April, except during a short recess at Christmas. The Library is open every evening from Seven to Nine o'clock, except on the lecture night.
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