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Sub-Commissioners of Pilotage for Southampton District, viz., "From a line drawn from, Lepe Buoy to Lee Point into Southampton, and from Southampton to Sea"—W. Foggo, Esq. ; Com. H. I. Strutt, R.N. ; and Com. J. J. C. H. Tracy, R.N.
Pilots, ls£ Class.
J. T. Bowyer, Anderson's Road
Edwin "Waters, Pear Tree Green John Nicholls, Bugle Street George Tubbs, Eldon Terrace "William Waters, Bugle Street William Nicholls, Gloucester Square John Nicholls, jun., Bugle Street Robert S. Pearce, Chantry Road
2nd Class—Edgar Penny, "William A. Gadd.
River Pilots—David Wild, Eling; Charles Wild, Eling.
George William Tubbs, Cambridge , Terrace
George Eldridge, College Street W. C. Bowyer, Anderson's Road William S. Pearce......
The official 'district of the Postmaster of Southampton comprehends the town of Southampton, and a circle round it, the radius of which is about seven or eight miles, and the sub-office of Bishop's Waltham and its dependencies. In this district, one general post-office, forty-five receiving houses, and thirteen pillar and wall boxes are situated, employing a postmaster, six clerks, seven sorting clerks, eleven auxiliary sorters, two stampers, two porters, forty-nine receivers of letters, and about one hundred letter carriers and district post messengers. The principal office is situated at 57, High-street. The mails to and from the Railway, Docks, Pier, and Post-office, are conveyed by omnibus.
Any person can have a private box who is willing to pay the appointed fee, viz., one guinea per annum, to be paid in advance, and for a period of not less than a year. The same also in most cases are the terms for a private bag, except that in addition there is the cost of the bag itself, and a charge for conveyance, the maximum of the latter being half-a-guinea per annum if by a foot messenger, and two guineas if by a mounted one. If a resident within the town free delivery have a private bag, he is considered to rent both a private box and a private bag, and he must pay at the rate of a guinea for each, or two guineas per annum.
Postmaster—George Pellatt, Esq.
Provincial Medical Officer—T. W. Trend, L.R.Q.C.P. Irel., M.R.C.S. Eng.,
and L.M.
First-class Clerk—W. Cooper.
Second-class—Messrs. G. Gradidge, J. T. Witt, C. Young, C. Lush, and
W. T. Birt.
Sorting Clerks—Messrs. E. Lush, A. Perry, H. Coombes (upper section); W. Cooper, F. Bemister, F. W. Smith, and F. Nutt (lower section.)
Auxiliary Sorters—W. Cave, G. White, S. J. Hilton, J. Gransden, Petty, R» Hallum, Bond, Pedrick, Hilton, Knowlton, and Kellaway, E. E. Eastman, and H. P. Stroud.
Stampers—E. Randell and A. Awbery.
Porters—G. Hosking and George White.
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