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Collector—W. Foggo, Esq. ......
Chief Clerk—G. Dymott. Esq.
Clerks, 1st Class—J. Balmain, J. F. Stephens.
2nd Class—O. F. "Williams, S. Lorden, A. L. Tanner, A. V. Tippet.
Extra Clerk—C. W. Yonge. . ; ■.
Treasury Writers—H. W. Harding, J. S. Russell, E. Layton.
Surveyors—T. W. Phillips, Esq. ; F. J. Lilly, Esq.
Examining Officers, 1st Class—H. Williamson, S. L. T. Widdrington, D.
Boss, W. H. Baigent.
Examining Officers, 2nd Class—0. Taylor, H. Knowler, E. Page, W. V.
Cornish, R. P. Spurrier, J. Spencer.
Examining Officers, 3rd Class—D. Robb, J. Truscott, T. Smith, W. C. Clothier, R. Taylor, S. J. Culpeck, J. Lucas, G. W. Fenwick, R. Bale.
Out-door Officers, 1st Class—J. Huntley, C. Dyer, J. Hill, W. Beavis, A. Burnett, L. Jukes, T. Taylor, H. P. Mitchell, W. Moore, F. Young, J. J. H. Yeoman, E. A. Lisle, A. Read, J. Mitchell, F. *Sturdy, J. H. Blizard, W. Staveley, J. West.
Out-door Officers, 2nd Class—W. G. John, J. Johnson, S. G. Gordon, J. D. L. Stevens, W. M. Dawkins, J. Mansell, J. Hawkins, G. Stone, *J. J. Hellyer, G. Page, J. C. Smith, * W. H. Cook, B. M. Betts, G. Martgll, R. Fulton, J. Brown, W. Neill, J. T. Bickell, F. Hawksworth, J. K#mp, A. W. Huntley, W. R. Cruse, J. F. Hawkesworth, W. G. Lowe, and 20 preferential Extrainen. *Acting Examining Officers.
Principal Coast Officer, Lymington—H. C. Lee.
Medical Superintendent of Quarantine—Dr. Wiblin, F.R.C.S.
The hours of business at the Custom House Long Room are from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon.
In the Landing Department the hours are from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, except for the examination of baggage and free goods, when the hours are from six in the morning until six at night.
All goods can be imported into the port of Southampton, and warehoused.
The imports into Southampton are very considerable, consisting of the most valuable productions of the East and West Indies, China, Egypt, Cape of Good Hope, Brazils, Turkey, Italy, and France.
Superintendent of Mercantile Marine and Receiver of Wreck—W. Foggo, Esq.
Deputy Ditto—G. S. Coxwell, Esq., and F. Allvey.
Clerk—J. Golding.
. Engineer and Shipioright Surveyor and Examiner for Engineers—
. Charles D. Williams, Esq.
Emigration Officer, Shipwright Surveyor, Inspector of Crew, Spaces, Ac.—
Capt. John Burgess, R.N.
Messenger, d-c.—J. Mack.
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