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September 22.—Lists of claimants and of persons objected to, to be fixed by the Town Clerk in some public place of each borough, from this day till October 1st.
October 1.—Mayor and assessors to hold an open court to revise the burgess list, under Municpal Reform Act, some time between the 1st and 15th of October; three clear days' notice of such court being given. The revise list to be kept by the Town Clerk, and persons therein entered to be entitled to vote according to the Act from the 1st of November.
October 15.—Accounts of way wardens or highway surveyors to be produced at a parish meeting, to be held within 15 days before the special sessions, in the week next after the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions.
November 1.—Borough councillors to be elected.
November 9.—Mayors of Boroughs to be elected.
(Circuit No. 51.)
For the recovery of debts ; of damages sustained by injuries or wrongs ; of legacies and distributive shares of intestates' estates, where the amount claimed shall not exceed £50 (but, by consent of both parties, the Court has power to try actions of any amount ; or in which the title to land, tithe, toll, market, fair, or other franchise, shall be in question) ; of the possess-sion of lands and tenements, where the annual rent or value shall not exceed <£50 ; and for the trial of all actions of replevin.
Office at Southampton— "fcourt House, Castle-square.
Judge—Patrick M. Leonard.
Registrar—H. J. Walker, Esq. Chief Clerk—Mr. W. B. Paffard.
High Bailiff—Mr. Henry B. Higgs. Assistant Bailiff—Mr. Henry Tubbs.
Court Towns in this circuit are—Alton, Basingstoke, Bishop's Waltham, Lymington, Newport and Ryde, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Bomsey, Southampton, and Winchester.
Fees on entering Plaints—Is. in the pound, and Is. additional, when the claim exceeds forty shillings.
Fees on hearing—2s. in the pound, but where the claim is admitted by Defendant, his Attorney, or Agent in Court, the Poundage payable at the hearing is Is. in the pound.
When the amount of debt or damage, and the condition of payment can be agreed upon between plaintiff and defendant, such agreement being made before the registrar or clerk, or to an attorney, judgment may be entered at the office of the registrar, and the attendance of either party on the court day will be unnecesssary. The fee payable on Judgments by consent, is Is. in the pound.
As many copies of the particulars of the demand as there are defendants, with an additional office copy, must be given on entry of plaint, in all cases.
Any fraction of a pound is to be reckoned as a whole pound.
Office hours from 10 to 4, except on Saturdays, when the office closes at 1 o'clock.
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