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March 1.—Auditors and Assessors of Boroughs to be elected.
March 25.—Overseers are to be appointed on this day, or within fourteen days thereafter. Those whose year has expired must verify their accounts bv oath before one justice within fourteen days, to be delivered to their successors after the appointment of such successors. Constables, head-boroughs, and tithemen are to deliver their accounts every three months, and within fourteen days after they leave office, to the overseers, ^ho are within the following fourteen days to lay them before the inhabitants, and if approved of by a majority, they shall be allowed; but if not the con stables, &c., may appeal to a justice.
March 31.—Poor Law Guardians to be elected.
April 5.—The returns for making the assessment of assessed taxes are delivered very soon after this day. The person making the return of the house tax in the year of assessment, rates himself for ,th® P®rfs°A ^ril^o articles subject to taxes kept and used by him between the 5th of April to the 6th of April last past. If he wishes to give up keeping any servants or other matter assessed, he should do so on or before the 4th of April.
June 20.—Overseen to fix on church doors notices to persons qualified to vote for counties to imke claims. Persons on the register need not make new claims, unless they have changed their qualifications.
July 20.—Assessed taxes and poor-rates due on the 5th of January must be paid on or before this day by all electors of cities or boroughs or they will be disqualified from voting. Last day for sending in claims for voting in
July 30.—Overseers to make out lists of county and borough electors.
August—(Two first Sundays)—Borough and county lists to be affixed to
church doors. , . .. , , ,
August 20.—Last day for leaving with overseers objections to county
electors , , . ,. „
August 20.—Last day for services of objections on electors m counties, for their tenants, and for service on overseers of objections to county electors.
August 25.—Last day to claim as borough electors, or as lodgers. Last day for service of objections to borough electois.
August 29.—Overseers of parishes and townships to send list of electors and number of objections to the high constable of their hundred.
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Municipal Corporation Act.
on this day. v , , ,
September 7.—Town Clerks in boroughs to cause the burgess lists to be
affixed to public places, from this day till the 15th.
person objected to. . , . .. , .
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wardens or surveyors of highways.
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