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4l2 general information.
Superintendent Registrar—John Atlee Hunt, Esq., 23, High street. Deputy Superintendent Registrar—Mr. James T. Hamilton, 23, High street. Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages—Mr. W. Cox, 23, High street.
Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages—Mr. John Adams,
Oxford Street.
Registrar of Marriages—Mr. E. Bance, 23, High street.
Deputy Registrar of Marriages—Mr. S. Coombs, Bernard street.
(The following buildings are licensed for the celebration of Marriages, under the Acts of 6 and 7, William IV., cap. 85, and 3 and 4, Victoria :—Register Office, 23, High-street; Congregational Church, Above Bar; Baptist Chapel, Bast-street; Portland Chapel, Portland-terrace, Baptist; St. Joseph's Chapel, Bugle-street, Roman Catholic; Albion Congregational Church, St. Mary's-dtreet; Wesleyan Chapel, East-street; St. Andrew's Church, Belle Vue, Presbyterian ; the Catholic and Apostolic Church, Southampton-street; the Church of the Saviour, Avenue place, Belle-vue-road, Unitarian; Kingsfield Congregational Church, West Marlands; Primitive Methodist Chapel, St. Mary's-street; Belvidere Chapel, Belvidere-terrace, Northam, Independent; Jubilee Chapel, Princess-street, Chapel, Bible Christian; Carlton Chapel, Avenue-place, Particular Baptist.
No marriage can be solemnized in any registered Dissenting place of worship without the consent of the minister, or of one of the trustees, owners, deacons, or managers thereof.
By virtue of the Marriage and Registration Act Amendment Act, 19 and 20 Vic., cap. 119, which came into operation on the 1st of January, 1857, the Superintendent Registrar is empowered to issue Licenses for Marriage in either of the above-mentioned Buildings for the sum of £2 4s. 6d.
The Superintendent Registrar is also empowered to take notices and grant certificates for marriages in any church in this district.
Licenses may be issued after the expiration of one whole day following the day of notice, and all notices given to any Superintendent Registrar must be witnessed by the Superintendent Registrar, or the Registrar of Marriages, or the Registrar of Births and Deaths, or either of their deputies, of the district in which the party giving notice resides.
Chairman—John Everett, Esq. Vice-Chairman—Mr. James Fletcher. Treasurer—Robert Chatfield Hankinson, Esq. (Maddison, Atherley,
Hankinson, & Darwin.)
Chaplain—The Rev. P. P. Izard. Master—Charles Wedge.
Matron—Mrs. Wedge. Schoolmistress—Miss Rogers.
Surgeons—Henry Viant, Geo. Riohd. Nunn, W. F. Giles, Francis L.
Stephenson, Edward Fluder Chinery, Esqrs.
Relieving Officers^James Corbin, Geo. Walter Golden, Frederick Fry. Portei'—S. Little. Nurse—E. Martell.
Clerk—Edward Coxwell, Esq.
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