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Argentine Confederation—Vice-Consul, J. H. Wolff, Esq., Canute road
Austrian—Consular Agent, John Horn, Esq., 19, Terminus terrace
Belgian—Consul, J. E. Le Feuvre, Esq., 71, High street
Brazilian—Vice-Consul, T. Hill, Esq., Oriental place
Columbian—Aldana, Alelardo, 62, Oxford street
Costa Rica—-J. W. Deal, Esq., 77, High street
Chilian—Consul, J. H. Wolff, Esq., 2, Canute road
Danish—Vice-Consul, J. Bovill, Esq., Lower Canal walk
Ecuador—Consul, G. Dunlop, Esq., Canute road
French—Vice-Consul, G. Delongraye, Esq., Gloucester square
German Empire—F. Keller, Esq., Knight of Royal Prussian Crown Order, Oriental place
Italian—Vice-Consul, F. W. Brewer, Canute road Mexican—Vice-Consul,
Netherlands—Consular Agent, J. Horn, Esq., Terminus terrace New Granada—Consul, G. Dunlop, Esq., Canute road Nicaragua—Consul, J. H. Wolff, Esq., 2, Canute road Norwegian—Vice-Consul, Joseph Bovill, Esq., Lower Canal walk Ottoman—Vice-Consul, T. Hill, Esq., Oriental place Peruvian—Vice-Consul, H. Guillaume, Esq., Canute road Portuguese—Consul, F. W. Brewer, Oriental place Prussian—Vice-Consul, T. Hill, Esq., Canute road Russian—Consul, T. Hill, Esq., Oriental place, Canute road Spanish—Consul, G. Dunlop, Esq., Canute road Swedish—Vice-Consul, Joseph Bovill, Esq., Lower Canal walk United States—Consul, William Thomson, 3, Canute road Uruguay—Vice-Consul, J. H. Wolff, Esq., 2, Canute road
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Southampton Town and County Bank—172, High Street. Messrs. Maddison, Atherley, HanWnson, and Darwin. (Partners—G. Atherley, II. C. Hankinson, and W. E. Darwin). London Bankers—Barnetts, Hoares, Hanburys, and Lloyd.
Hampshire Banking Company—21, High Street. Manager—W. S. Read, Esq.
London Bankers—London Joint Stock Bank.
The National Provincial Bank of England—129 and 130, High Street. Manager—Thomas S. Strawbridge, Esq. London Bankers-—ft&tional Provincial Bank of England, London.
Wilts and Dorset Bank—36, High Street. Manager—D. Hogalth Em^iohdon
Bankers—London and Westminster Bank.
Savings' Bank—West Marlands. Actuary—Charles W. A. Jellicoe/Bsq.y30, Portland Street.
Penny Bank—Guildhall. '1
Post Office Savings1 Bank,

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