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Paper Hangers.
Buchan and Son, 159, High street Candy, Henry, 13, "Weymouth ter Darling, William C., 69, Grove street Dowdall, G. H., Bellevue road Grimsteed, W. 126, St. Mary road Hale, H., 13, St. Mark's road Johnson, Richard, 8, Fanshawe street,
Newtown Mott, J. B., 16, St. Mary's road Pearce, H.J., Dorset street Phippard, C. B., 63, 64, & 65, French street
Udall, J., Carlton place
Paper Hanging Warehouses
Buchan and Son, 159, High street Dowdall, G. H., Bellevue road Phippard, C. B., 63, 64, & 65, French street
Tucker, J. T., 32, Above Bar
Paper Rulers
Cawte, G., St. Michael's square Waight, Thomas, 33, Bell street
Cohen, Nathan, 24, French street Gotten, W. H. and Son, 75, French street
Emanuel, L., 122 & 123, East street Goldsmith, L., 88, East street Hooper, Charles, 130, St. Mary street Morgan, R., 60, Anderson's terrace Myer, Sydney, 9, East street Rawlings, 140 & 141, Bevois street "Wedge, George, 105, St. Mary street White John, Above Bar street Winter, A. , 26, Bernard street
Adams and Stilliard, 32, High street,
and 9, Bernard street Barrett, H., 11, Upper Prospect place Beer, John, 9, Oxford street Douglas, Alfred, 74, St. Mary's road Jones, J. J.,Kingsfieldcottage, Kings-field
Latter, George W., 13, Bernard street Pibworth, Alfred, 18, St. Mary street Rider, Archibald G., 16, Bernard st Southgate, George, 4, Bernard street " lseman, S. J., 15, Above Bar
Pianoforte Tuners
Bridger and Shaw, 5, Sussex place Burgess, William, 1, Trinity terrace Esterford, Hay don, Northumberland house, Padwell road, Bevois town Hammond and Son, 4, Above Bar Ridgway, J., 1, Above Bar Seymour, Thomas, 45, Manchester st Williamson, Edward, 24, Bellevue rd Winscom, William, 11, Pound Tree lane
Picture Restorers and Dealers
Beardmore, Joseph, 33, Orchard place Brien, Dennis, 30, French street Humphery, G., 12, Strand
Pipe Maker.
Cleever, J. , 23, Bell street
Pork Butchers.
(See Butchers.)
Portmanteau Makers.
Hunt, George Mrs., 35, Above Barst Webb, Bros., 68, Oxford street
Poulterers and Game Dealers.
Brown, Henry, 2, Above Bar Bundy, J., poulterer, Bevois road, Avenue
Folliott, Eugene, 35, Bugle street Hooper, Henry, 7, Washington terrace, Orchard place Lereculey, A.. French street Palmer, Charles, 7, Washington terrace, Orchard place Roberts, Mary, 36, Upper Canal wk Robson, J., 131, High street Smith, T., 50, High street Weeks, Mrs., 8, Upper Back-of-the-Walls
Westlake, T., 109, High street
Ball, Charles, 27, Strand, East street Beckingham, Walter, 4, Latimer
street, Oxford street Beckingham, Wm. O., 13, Bernard st Budden, W., 41, St. Mary street Cox, Charles, Times newspaper office,
11, Above Bar street Dibden, C., St. Mary's road
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