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Mathematical and Nautical Instrument Makers.
Hornsey, George, "West front Stebbing, J. R. and Co., 88, High st THOMAS, J. BLOUNT, THE OBSERVATORY, 9, CANUTE RD
Appleford, James, Old Northam Hague, R., Dorset place Ray, J. and F., Woodmill
(See Dressmakers.)
. (See Professional list.)
Money Exchangers.
(See Bureau de Change.)
Musical Instrument Sellers.
Bridger and Shaw, Sussex place Hammond and Son, 4a, Above Bar street .
Ridgway, Joseph, 1, Above Bar. st Westley, K. G., 104, High street Winscom, W., Pound Tree lane
News Agents.
Adams, J., 49, Oxford street Dawkins, Mrs., 30, Grove street Gutch and Cox, 150, High street Martin, Mrs., 60 and 61, East street Rayner, J. F., 180, High street Rayner, Mrs., 21, Bridge street Sharpe, J. F., 92, St. Mary street Smith and Son, Railway Terminus Viney, G. D., Onslow road White, William H., 37, Upper Canal walk
Willis, H., Onslow road
Nurserymen, Florists, & Seedsmen.
*Seedsmen only.
Elcombe, Josiah, 2, Hamilton terrace,
Commercial road Kingsbury, John, Bevois valley Oakley and Watling, 118, High street, and St. Mary's road Nurseries
Rogers, W. H., J.P., Red Lodge Nursery, Basset, and 132, High st *Toogood, W., 58, Above Bar street Windebank, W., Avenue road
Nurses and Midwives.
Anderson, Mrs. J., 31, Lower Lyon
street, Newtown *Bellows, Mrs., Houndwell gardens *Comper, Mrs., 12, Henry street,
Lower Canal walk Elliott, Mrs., 7, Taylor's court, High street
*Gange, Mrs., 12, Chapel road Goodall, Jane, 3, Exmouth street,
New road *Gregory, Mrs., 13, Coburg street, Northam
Hampshire Nurses Institute, Park . road
*Holloway, Mrs., 26, Winchester st *Leeson, Mrs., Back-of-the-walls *Lewis, Mrs., 53, James street *Lock, Mrs., Oriental place Moody, Mrs., Southampton street,
Bedford place -
Nickel, Mrs. S., 10, Coleman street Osman, Mrs., Waterloo bridge,
New road Passmore, Sarah, 85, Millbank street,
Northam Scorey, Mrs., 134, High street Sibley, Mrs., 6, Birmingham street Smith, Mrs., 5, Trinity road Sparkes, Ann, 63, Grove street Stroud, Mrs., 19, Paget street
Heame, Edwin, M.B., F.R.C.S., 15, Carlton crescent
English, W. H., 45, High street Kenvin, W. J., East st & Bridge st Stebbing, J. R. and Co., 88, High st THOMAS, J. BLOUNT, THE OBSERVATORY, 9, CANUTE ROAD Wiseman, S. J., 15, Above Bar
Ornamental Ticket & Sign Writer
Hucker, C. J., 22, Strand Mc Griere, Thos., 53, Northam street Samuels, Joseph, 116, East street
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