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Cottage, Tlie, Bonchurch, F. D. Banister
Cottage, The, Lyndhurst, Miss Goodenough
Cottage, The, Old Shirley, John Touchet
Cottage, The, St. Helen's, Hyde, Major Boyle
Cottage, The, Shirley, Capt. A. R, B. Carter, R.N.
Court, The, Victoria road, Netley, Southampton, Miss Harvey
Courtfield, Ryde, Capt. Stanfell, R.N.
Coverside, Weston Grove road, Woolston, H. Bradbury
Cracknell's Meadow, Freshwater, I.W., Miss Hamond
Cranbury Park, Winchester, Thomas Charaberlayne
Cranmore Lodge, Christchurch, Mrs. Morrison
Craven Lodge, Southsea, Lieut. C. J. Doxat, R.N.
Crembourne House, Southsea, Capt. Henry Raby, V.C., R.N.
Crescent House, Southsea, Capt. A. H. Gordon, R.N.
C.ofton House, Fareham, Major Sir George Wingate, K.C.S.I., J. P.
Crofton Villa, Victoria road north, Southsea, Major Samwell
Crookham House, Newbury, A. R. Tull
Cuffnalls, Lyndhurst, R. Hargreaves
Culver View, Sandown, Mrs. B. Bosanquet
Cumberland House, Southsea, Genl. John W. Playfair, R.E.
Cumberland Villa, Cumberland Place, Southampton, Miss Heathcotte
Cumberland Villa, Shirley, George P. De Rabaudy
Cumloden, Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, Honble. Miss Pitt
Cunard Villa, Southsea, Capt. J. Symons
Dean Park, Bournemouth, N. Wyndham Delaware, Lyiriington, F. H. Crosier Dell, The, Bonchurch, T. Pugh
Denbigh Lodge, Elm Grove, Southsea, Capt. B. H. Key, R.N.
Denbigh Villa, Bridge road, Woolston, Com. Hodgskin, R.N.
Devonia, West Cowes, H. I. Webb
Devonshire Villa, Bitterne, W. L. Ede
Devonshire Villa, East Cowes, Miss Oglander
Dibden Lodge, Dibden, S. E. Rolland
Dimbola House, Freshwater, C. H. Cameron
Ditjham House, Buriton, Charles Cammell
Dogmersfield Park, Winchfield, Sir Henry St. John Mildmay
Donaree, Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, Capt. Donellan
Donnington House, Newbury, S. Matthews
Dorset Lodge, Bridge road, Woolston, Lieut.-Col. C. S. B. Walton
Douglas Lodge, Southsea, Capt. Loftus Nunn
Douglas Villa, Waverley road, Southsea, Capt. Faulkner
Dovecote, Higlifield, Southampton, Capt. W. Smith
Dover House, Strand, Ryde, Miss Bloxam
Down Grange, Basingstoke, Capt. R. S. Boland
Downland House. Bramsliott, H. C. Butler
Downlands, Hordle, Capt. Piice
Downs House, Totton, Andrew Saunders
Downton Lodge, Hordle, Col. Raitt
Drumduan, Arnewood, Hordle, A. T. T. Peterson
Dunamice House, Petersfield, Lieut.-Col. Charles U. Shuttleworth
Dundas House, Ryde, Le Baron Beckman
Dunedin, Merton road, Southsea, Mrs. Bryden
Dunorlan Villa, Outram road, Southsea, Lieut.-Col. R. B. Deering
Dunraven House, Ryde, Lady Maclean
Durley Lodge, Bishop's Waltham, C. J. Jackson
Eaglehurst, Fawley, Count E. Batthyany
East Cliff, Bembridge, I.W., Lord and Lady Milton
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