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with the
nahe3 °f h0useh0lders and "nts placed under the name , op the street in which they reside. .
above bab street.
1 Ridgway, Joseph
2 Brown, Henrv
3 Withers, F.
4 Appleton, G. 4aHammond & Son.
5 Millward & Martell
6 Primer & White
7 Batten, G. W.
8 Griffiths, James
9 Travers, Andrew
10 Clark, F.
11 "Times" Newspaper
Office Cox, Charles, Pub lisher
12 Saunders, Mrs.
Hilliar, Miss
12 Gibbs, W.
13 Pitt, W. J.
14 Steptoe, William Andrews and Son
If^Shapley, Mrs. 1
15 Wiseman, S. J.
16 Isted, Charles 16 Bevan, Mrs.
iJi£?mby and Co-
l/aChapman, W.
18 Sykes, Moses
19 White, John
21 Ebborn, Mrs.
23 Norman and Son
24 Lury, H.
Above Bar Chapel
2o Rayner, J. F. % .
26&James, Thomas 27 Berry, William Tanner, Lloyd
28 Potts, Edward
29 Hill, Miss
on 5imer> Abraham
30 Evans, George
31 Pearce Bros. 31^Ransom, John mBurbage, J. C. oz Joyce, James
32 Tucker, J. T. S? ^tteridge, J.
34 Thomback, R.
35 Liilham and Co. Hibberd, S.
QK gope, G. T.
35 Hunt, Mrs. G.
36 Floyd, H. C.
37 Ellis, Thomas 37 Sanger, Charles
39 Batten, H. C.
40 South'ton Yacht Club 40 Perkins and Sons
^famm°nd, Henry , 41 Perkins, Sir F. I fSJ-oward, Richard
42 Guard, F.
43 England, T7.
44 Marett, Miss
45 Hanlon, Permain,
50 ztv&
51 Brown E. and Son ^2Brown, Edward
52 Dyer, A. j., pub
Offices of the S. W. District of the A. O.
Foresters, A. J.Dyer,
Sec. '
52 cim-kH^ymy
Hyles, W.
Royal YorkMusic Hall Hampton, Joseph Hammond, William Inland Revenue Office
00 Spearing James 54 Roberts, Edwin
Post Office Wilmot, Charles
56 Rogers, Henry
57 Barford, J. D.
58 Toogood, William Keane, Patrick
59 Ebison, H.
fin?ft6i1\?ooda11' w- H-DU &ol, Newman and Co.
Philharmonic Rooms
School of Art
Lovibond and Son
albert road,
Walton, O. J.
Dowdy, William
1 White, Mark
2 Kiteller, Charles
3 Williams, John Curtis, Joseph
4 Jenner, Thomas
5 Squibb, G. J.
6 Whitfield, W.
19 Greenway, F. F.
20 Denny, T. W.
Toogood, Sarah Hall, Thomas Gandy, Ann Hessell, Sarah Lock, Sarah Eden, Israel
albert place,
Bevois Valley.
1 Carter, John
2 Moores, E.
3 Bodle, Mrs.
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