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Mitchener, "William, Adderley cottage, Bitterne road, Bitteme
Moberley, William H., solicitor, 10, Portland terrace ; private residence, 26,
East Park terrace Moffatt, A., L.R.C.S.I., Delhi house, Lower avenue Mold, Mrs. "William, Sussex cottage, Sussex road Holland, George, block maker, 44, St. Mary street Molland, Miss, outfitter, 44, St. Mary street Molsom, Elizabeth, 2, Dorset place, Northam road Molyneaux, Adam, Sabrina villa, Millbrook road, Freemantle Molyneaux, J., mariner, 5, "Wellington road, Freemantle >
Molyneaux, Mrs., 4, Petro street
Molyneaux, Samuel, engineer, 7, Middle Portland terrace
Monday, George, sawyer, Adelaide road, St. Denys
Monday, Miss, Hehnon villa, Waterloo road, Freemantle
Monday, Mrs., 1, Millford villa, Waterloo road, Freemantle
Monday, Stephen, shipwright, 41, Belvidere terrace, Northam
Mondey, Alfred, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 106, High street
Mondey, T. A., hatter and boot manufacturer, 67, Oxford street
Money, Misses, ladies' school, Holborn villa, Oxford road, Bevois mount
Monk, Frederick, boot maker, 36, Orchard lane
Monk, George, boot maker, 16, Trinity terrace
Monk, George, commercial school, 4, St. Mary's road
Monk, Henry, mariner, 7, West front
Monk, T., 3, Eastern place, Park road, Freemantle
Monnery, J., carpenter, 1, Upper Dover street, Bevois town
Montague, John H., O.S.O., 9, Kingsfield.road
Montani, Carlo, medical professor, 5, Oxford street
Monsell, Capt. B., A.H.C., Hamble
Montgomery, Samuel, mariner, 68, Lower Canal walk
Montgomery, Thomas, steward P. & O.S.N. Co., 9, Hill street, Blechynden Montgomery, Thos., steward, 3, Park place, Kingston road, Freemantle Montgomery, William, engine-driver, 8, Belvidere terrace, Northam Montifior, J., Cold east, Swamoick Moody, C., grocer, Millbrook
Moody, Capt. D., Windsor, cottage, Alma road, Avenue Moody, Charles, bookseller, 106, St. Andrew's road Moody, Charles, Brook Vale Dairyfarm, High field
Moody, Charles, ginger-beer manufactory, 19, Exmouth street, New road
Moody, E., gardener, Crown street, Highfield
Moody j Edward, 6, Sussex road, Shirley
Moody, George, baker, 62, James street
Moody, George, grocer, Biimbridge, Totton
Moody, Frederick, gas-fitter and tin-plate worker, 36, Carlton place
Moody, Henry, grocer, 7, Norfolk place, Church road, Sholing
Moody, Henry, grocer, &c., Sarisbury, Sioanwich
Moody, Henry, pork butcher, &c., 22, Onslow road, Newtown
Moody, H. L., draper and stationer, agent for Guardian Insurance Company,
42, Bedford terrace, Bedford place Moody, Joseph, cattle dealer, Porter's lane, High street Moody, Mrs., nurse, 14, Lower Southampton street, Bedford place Moody, Richard, gardener, Lucknow cottage, Nelson road, Freemantle Moody, Walter, reporter " Southampton Times," 4, Alexander road, Hill lane Moody, Walter G., dairyman, Holly house, Nelson road, Freemantle Moody, Wm., gardener, Highfield Moody, Wm., grocer, Victoria road, Freemantle Moodie, Wm. H., dentist, Trisanton villa, Millbrook road, Freemantle Moody, Uriah, carpenter, 13, Cumberland street Moon, E., painter, &c., Commercial street, Bitternc Moon, Edwin, 14, St. Mary's place
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