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Methven, James, school, Troutback villji^Vbelisk road, Woolston
Metters, H. Wm., shipwright, 4|,.Hijfdjfj^aMew, Langton, and Co., brewers, office and stores, 99, High street
Meyers, C., 1, Merlin villas, Albert road, Woolston
Michel, Louis H., egg and butter merchant, 3, Bridge road
Michell, Mrs., ladies school, 21, Park road, Bellevue
Michell, W. T., 21, Park road, Bellevue
Michels, F. C., Hermon villa, Bevois hill
Michelin, William, R. M. S. Co., 15, Brunswick square
Micklebury, Edward, master, Poorhouse, St. Mary street
Midcalf, Mrs., 108, Bevois street
Middlecombe, Mrs., confectioner, 12, Seaside view, St. Denys Middleton, George, brewer, 1, Compton villa, Millbrook road, Freeman tie Middleton, James, mariner, 16, Oriental terrace, High street Middleton, Mrs.; 9, Anglesea place Midlane, Mrs., Shirley Park, Shirley
Miell, Joseph, carpenter, Laurel cottage, Priory road, St. Denys Miell, Thomas, butcher, 68, Upper Canal walk; private residence, Brook villa, Hill lane
Miell, Thomas, junr., O.S.O., Brook villa, Hill lane, Fourposts Miles, —, Alma road, Woolston
Miles, Albert R., commercial clerk, 6, York terrace Four posts
Miles, A. R. V., O.M.O., 1, Hill side, Albert road, Hill lane
Miles, Edward, clerk, 2, Chantry road
Miles, F. , cab proprietor, 11, Orchard street
Miles, George, chemist, Park road, Freemantle
Miles, Herbert, 6, Canton street, Bedford place
Miles, Capt. H. R., Albert road, Hill lane
Miles, James; 9, Spa road
Miles, John, shoemaker, 15, Trinity road
Miles, J. H., poor-rate collector. 13, Portland street
Miles, J. S., Baron cottage, Hill lane, Four posts
Miles, Morris, O. S. Office, Barton cottage, Hill lane, Fourposts
Miles, Mrs.. Sussex house, Sussex road
Miles, "William, fishmonger, 34, French street
Miles, William, hotel keeper, " London & South Western Hotel," " Court King
John," A.O.F., Blechynden terrace Miles, William, " Railway Inn," Totton Mill, Henry, dyer, 9, Marsh lane
Mill. John (Mill and Sons), 1, York terrace, Polygon road
Mill and Sons, dyers, 58, Oxford street
Millard, Henry, beer retailer, Church street, Shirley
Millard, Mrs., Woolston villa, Bridge road, Woolston
Miller, Alfred, mattress maker, 13, Paget street
Miller, Augustus, accountant, 5, York terrace, Four posts
Miller, Augustus, P. and O. Co., 2, Fitzroy villa, Waterloo road, Fi-ee mantle
Miller, A. J. (Miller and Son), Park road. Portsioood,
Miller, Charles, carpenter, 3, James street
Miller, Edgar, porter, 59, Anderson's terrace
Miller, George, carpenter, 1, Cambridge villa, Elgin road, Freemantle Miller, Henry, shipping and insurance agent, 34, Oxford street Miller, Henry W., wheelwright, 1a, Victoria terrace, Northam road Miller, Henry, cord wainer, 11, Cambridge street, Marsh Miller, J., baker, St. Denys road, St. Denys
Millei, John, carpenter, 6, Bevois place _ .
Miller, John, lace warehouse, ladies' outfitting establishment, and juvenile
clothier, 152, & 177, High street Miller, John, seaman, 17, Chantry road Miller, Mrs., furrier, 50, Manchester street, Windsor lodge
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