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Hills, Miss, Hambletliean, Anglesea road, Shirley -:
Hills, Robert, 32, East park terrace
Hillyard, Litfcit. CoL Henry Temple, Leontine, Oak Road, Woohton . Hillyer, Alfred, L. & S. W. R., Wilton cottage, Padwell road, Bevois town Hillyer, Frederick, boiler maker and publican, " The Rose Bud," 17, Millbank
street, Northam Hillyer, George, slater, 15, Millbank street, Northam Hillyer, George, shipwright, 9, Princess street, Chapel Hillyer, J., Belmont, Shirley Hilton, Elizabeth, 17, New road Hilton, Henry, 5, Liverpool street, Kingsfield Hilton, Mrs.. butcher, 15, Onslow road, Newtown Hindma?ch, Michael Johnson, engineer, 22, Anderson road Hine, Hqnry, (Hine, Bros.) brewer, 79, Marland place Hine, James Petty, (Hine, Bros.) brewer, 5, Carlton crescent Hine, JomL butcher, 25, Bedford place
HINE, BROTHERS, brewers and wine merchants, 79 and 80, Marland place,
brewery, ISifriningham street Hines, Charlev engine driver, 2, York street, Northam Upper Hingley, S. W. lb Co., Laura cottage, Royal crescent road Hinton, J., bootmakqj. Sholing Hinton, Richard, pawfktyroker, 22, Northbrook road
Hinton, Thomas, carpentejcJ-L Avenue cottage, Bevois town, Middle street
Hinves, Neville, clerk, 3, Arigj&jje^ terrace, Bevois hill -
Hinves, Samuel, shoemaker, 9, Colejnan street
Hinves, Thomas, sailmaker, 69, French street
Hinves, William, mariner, 42, James street
Hinwood, William, smith, Marchwood
Hiron, Charles, 14, Sussex terrace
Hiscock, Richard, hosier, 3. Portland place
Hiscock, William, mariner, 11, Osborne road Hill
Hitchcock, James, carpenter, 5, Bevois street
Hitchcock, Rose, "Duke of Wellington," Wellington road, Freemantle Hitchcock, T. D., grocer, Rumbridge, Totton
Hoar, George, carpenter and joiner, 33, Belvidere terrace, Northam
Hoare, Charles, engineer, 2, York villas, York street, Bevois town
Hoare, F., " New Inn," Sivanwick
Hoare, H., Brownlow, Bitterne
Hoare, J. J. P., J.P., Brownlow, Bitteme
Hoare, James, plasterer, 15, Cossack street
Hoare, Major O'Brien, Sidney house, Pear Tree Ch'een
Hoare, O. W., wine and spirit merchant, 31, High street; private residence
Salcombe cottage, WooUton Hoare, Revd. A. M., Rectory, Fawley Hoare, Revd. J. B., Woolarah, Milton road, Woohton Hobbs, Annie, 2, Osborne house, New road
Hobbs, D., manager to Dawson, Bros., shipping agents, 100, Portland terrace, / Middle
Hobbs, Frank, coal dealer, 15, Princess street, Chapel Hobbs, Frank, joiner, 15, Anglesea terrace Hobbs, J. Fayfield villa, Totton
Hobbs, John, chief steward Union Company, 14, Guillaune terrace
Hobbs, William, compositor, 2, Cardigan terrace
Hobbs, William, proprietor Hobbs' Hotel, Terminus terrace
Hobby, H. J., grocer, Sandford cottage, Shirley road, Freemantle
Hobby, John, gardener, 12, Lower Lyon street, Newtown
Bobley, S. Halford, L.R.C.P. Lond, M.R.C.S. Lond, L.S.A, ; L.R.C.P&
L.M., Ed., Belle-Vue House, 47, Belle-Vue Road Hooking, James, tailor, 9, Northbrook road
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