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foreign letters may be expected at Southampton. It also contains an alphabetical arrangement of the single, rate of letter postage for every place of importance in the worlcl, together with the rates chargeable on newspapers. The above list has been compiled at considerable expense and labour, expressly for the Post Office Directory, and has been corrected up to the latest period.
The Subscribers are respectfully requested to observe, that the present volume exceeds the previous issues in bulk, as it relates to its general contents, and is also rendered more attractive in its external appearance—these improvements have been made without extra charge to the Public.
To the heads of Public Departments, and to those gentlemen who have rendered assistance by affording information, the Compiler begs to express his warmest thanks, and sincerely hopes that the present number of the Southampton Post Office Directory may be as favourably received as its predecessors.
Southampton, December, 1852.
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