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The labour and expense necessary for the completion of the Post Office Directory for the year 1853 may be judged of from a comparison of the present edition with the one issued in the year 1843; the one containing about 2000, the other 8000 names.
Hitherto the Directory has been published once in two years; but, as the Town is increasing in population and importance, circumstances may arise of a nature to render it desirable and even necessary to issue the work every year.
The Compiler has endeavoured to render the present edition as
correct and useful as possible, so that, as a book of reference, it may
be relied on for its accuracy, and valued for the extent of information it embraces.
Two alterations, only, of any importance, have been made in the . plan of the Work—viz., first, to confine the classification of Trades to employers only; and, second, to include the whole of the Gentry outside of the free delivery of the town, in the Alphabetical List of Mobility and Gentry for the Counties of Hants and the Isle of Wight.
In addition to the miscellaneous and indispensable contents of former Directories, the present edition will be found to contain extensive and useful information relative to the County Court and Post Office. The Postage List gives the latest time for posting letters for foreign parte, and also states the probable period at which
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