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´╗┐alphabetical list op names.
Ashley, Samuel, 1, Peninsular-terrace, Bridge-road Ashton, H. B., tailor, 13, Lower Bedford-place Ashurst, Drury, gentleman, 1, Northam-road Ashworth, James, metal-planer, 3, St. Michael's-square Afllatt & Son, coach-builders, Weighbridge, Marland-place I Aslatt, A. J., coach-builder, 34, Above -bar i Aslatt, John, Highfield, Stoneham Aslatt, Thomas, Catherine-street, Botley I Aslatt, William, gentleman, 2, Compton-walk, Love-lane Atherley, Fall, and Atherley, jun., bankers, 25, High-street Atherley, George, jun. esq., Chilworth-house, Chilworth Atherley, George, sen., esq., banker, 3, Upper Moira-place Atkins, Albert, dairyman, Shirley
Atkins, Edward, esq., manager of the Hampshire Bank, 21, High-st.,
private residence, Brunswick-cottage, Shirley Atkins, Edward James, boot and shoemaker, 18, Upper East-street Atkins, J. and G., Barton-farm, Stoneham Atkins, Mrs., 2, Sussex-terrace Atkins, Thomas, gardener, Botley Atkinson, William, tailor, West-end Attwood, Edward, lath-maker, 8, Paget-street Attwood, F. tea-dealer, Millbrook Attwood, T. ironmonger, Millbrook Atwood, John, builder, 16, Orchard-lane Audit House, ECigh-street
August, George, labourer, 31, Lower Lyon-street, Newtown Austin, Algernon, Lieut, r.n., 4, Bellevue-place Austin, Horatio Thomas, c.b., Capt. r.n., Admiralty Superintendent, Winkle-street, private residence, St. Katherine's, Regent's-park, Millbrook
Austin, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 105, High-street
Austin, Mrs., Polygon-villa, Polygon
Austin, Nathan, tailor, 12, Lansdown-hili
Austin, Rev. William, 3, Anglesea-place
Avern, James & Co., cork-cutters, 5, West-street
Avery, Mrs. Mary, beer-retailer, 1, Melbourne-street, Chapel
Axford, George, 3, Upper Southampton-street
As ford, William, porter, Craven-street, Kingsland
Axtell, James, grocer, 4, Amour-street, Bedford-place
Ayles, Mrs., laundress, Bellevue-street, Charlotte-place
Ayles, William, grocer, Hardley, Hythe
Ayling, William, master-mariner, Hamble
Ayling, William, Hamble
Aylward, C., clothier, 6, West-street
Aylward, H., postman, West-end
Ayre, Burrell, esq., Sidney-cottage, Bitterne
Ayres, B. W., esq., Mount-house, Hythe
Babbidge, George, greengrocer, 1, Chapel-road Babey, James, Eling, Totton
Babot, George, P. & 0. Company's Service, 23, St. John's-street
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