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Life Company. In the first five years, 3,120 Life Policies were issued, for 4653,303 the annual premiums on which amounted to 432,876 lis. 6d. The Deaths had consumed 5 per cent, of the premiums. After laying aside adequate funds for liabilities, a Bonus was declared, averaging in Present Cash value about one-fourth of the premiums received.
The annual income from Life Premiums at the present time is 417,619. •
Fire Society. In the first four years, 6,766 policies for £2,724.120 were issued. The losses have not exceeded 45 per cent, of the premiums. The return in Cash to Members amounted to one-eighth of the premiums received.
The expenses of these Offices are lower than any other office combining the pure mutual principle with every modern improvement in the assurance system.
Progress in 1851.
New Policies issued. Life. ... Fire.
First 47 weeks 1850 628 4105,400 1474 4576,470
„ ,, 1851 800 161,985 1694 664,796
„ ,, 1852 975 208,239 1816 801,870
Excels of 1852 over 1851 175 446,253 122 4137,074
Persons assuring their lives in 1852, participate in the next Division of Profits.
Prospectuses and every information supplied, and Assurances effected by
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