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Medical Electricity and Galvanism, continued.
Galvanism as a Medical Agent is in its application adapted to the character x)f the disease; in some disorders its administration is not disagreeable, but really pleasant, whilst in chronic and obstinate cases more power is needed. But it is rarely the case that it is a painful remedy. Perseverance in this branch of Therapeutics, and lengthened experience, more than ever confirms me in the high opinion of its merits. That Galvanism is quite in its infancy, requiring the more candid consideration of the Faculty as a curative means, must be obvious to the public. When we see such men as Dr. Golding Bird, and others, steadily pursuing and watching its amazing effects, we have but to wait patiently to witness a more full development of its powers. To many of the most liberal and eminent Physicians and general Practitioners of this locality I feel indebted for their generous recommendations, and can assure them that it will continue to be my ambition to requite their confidence with the care it deserves.
Chemist, Electrician, and Galvanist to the Queen, By Appointment, Established 1829.
At Home from Nine till Eight. 1, Portland-Street, Southampton.
The following Testimonials I have had the honour to receive from distinguished Members of the Medical Profession, who have from time to time placed patients under my care, together with a quotation from " A Brief Notice on Galvanism, as a Therapeutic Agent," by Dr. Oke, h.d., Physician to the Royal South Hants Infirmary :—
" It must be acknowledged as a great advantage, particularly to a large population, where any individual devotes a considerable portion of his time to the study and practice of Electricity and Galvanism, not so much for philosophic purposes, as for the cure of diseases, always having good Machinery at hand, and ready for immediate operation. Mr. Alfred Moruaunt, one of the many excellent Chemists of this town, is doing this, and it is but due to him to say, that he has for many years paid unwearied attention to this branch of Therapeutics. I have much pleasure in bearing testimony, that I have frequently seen him employ Electricity and Galvanism in their varied developments, with the best instruments, and with great skill and effect."
I certify that Mr. Mordatjnt, from long practice, has acquired considerable reputation by his dexterity in the application of Galvanism and Electricity, as a beneficial agent in the relief and cure of some anomalous diseases of a nervous character, some of which have fallen under my observation, and have, indeed, been administered to at my recommendation.
Southampton, 26th December, 1848. George Stbbd, m.d.
I have frequently had occasion to resort to Electricity and Galvanism in medical treatment, and have referred my patients to Mr. Alfred Mordadnt, with whose manner of operating and excellent judgment I have great reason to be satisfied. 1 can, therefore, recommend him as a Medical Galvanist, with the utmost confidence.
J. M. Simpson.
Wyke-house, Brentford, London.
I have much pleasure in bearing testimony to Mr. Mokdauxt's scientific application of Galvanism and Electricity, especially in his arrangement of every minutise so necessary in individual cases, to ensure a happy result from such powerful adjuvants m the treating of many of the otherwise intractable maladies which are met with in daily practice. E. Bascombe, m.d.
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