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In the cure of disease, when employed with experience and judgment, is by no means second to the systems either of Allopathy, Hydropathy, or Homoeopathy.
We must, as defenders and advocates of this system of cure, elucidate that it is free from many of the concomitants of either of the afore-named systems such as the wear and tear upon the constitution after long courses of medicine the constant employment of medicine, for which there is a growing distaste the discipline of regimen, diet, &c.; the necessity of change of air, and its in conveniences. Its effects are often unexpectedly quick and not less permanent it accomplishes more than it engages, rather than less, instances out of number having occurred in my experience, where, from the general influence Electricity has on the system, hidden, and anomalous grievances have been entirely
The class or character of ailments most adapted for this subtle agency of Nature may be defined by referring to all obstructions, whether of Circulation, of Secretion, or of Motion. For instance, in glandular disease, if the mesentery refuses to perform its function, where would be our health and strength ? Likewise the viscus of the liver, the lungs, the kidneys, all have their separate duties to perform, which is done more cheerily when the Blood circulates with vigour. The stomach, which is as a still, receives its portion, where natural heat is generated, the food prepared, and dismissed with a friendly solicitation to each organ to perform its part: how essential that no obstruction should arise on the passage to throw double duty on the neighbouring part, and so set up disease. Imperfect circulation induces Indigestion, Flatulency, Constipation, Spasms, Headache, Loss of Memory, Irritability of Temper, Rheumatisms, and a hundred and one grievances. The defection of one organ produces disorder in the whole. The human machinery is complex and very minute, and is a volume of great depth and intricacy for every man to study. The Nervous System may be adverted to when speaking, in the language of the poet, of its " ten thousand strings." How little need we wonder at disorders, when we contemplate how roughly we use this exquisite, comprehensive, noblest work of God ! How soon must obstruction arise in these superlatively fine tubes called Nerves, all filled with the neurilema, or nervous fluid ! How capable of the two extremes of pleasure and pain, the nerve being the medium of feeling ! See how it is when suffering from Paralysis or Spinal Weakness, St. Vitus' Dance, Neuralgia, or Tic Doloreux ? Does not the well-doing of the whole human fabric depend upon a free and healthy circulation as literally and truly as the wealth and prosperity of nations depends upon a healthy circulating medium ? *
Electricity is Nature's wand, subtle, diffuse, and decisive; it supplies deficiencies in the blood, and gives a vitality that eclipses all other contrivances of man; it vivifies the morbid part, strengthens the muscular fibre, animates the nervous system, imparts health to the mind, and heat to the heart; and, when passed gently through the system, Electricity has been found to produce the most pleasing sedative influence oil the nerves, inducing sound sleep, and breaking the habit of restless nights.
The various modes of administering this boon of Nature's God is—
1—By throwing a stream of Electric fluid on the patient;
2—Abstracting it by insulation on glass, by brass or wooden point;
3—By the vibratory current;
4—By sparks ;
5—By the Electric water, in inflammation of the eye, &c.;
6—Ry shocks.
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