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For Insurance against Losses by Theft, and for the better securing the Prosecution
of Offenders,
CAPITAL—£ 150,000.
Sir Alexander Edmund Cockburn, m.p.
Henry Alworth Merewether, Sergeant-at-Law. John Alexander Kinglake, Sergeant-at-Law.
John Edward Armstrong, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
This Society is established for making good losses by Theft; for the efficient Prosecution of Offenders; and for the Detection and Prevention of Crime.
Insurance.—Half the loss in all cases of theft is made good in the first instance, after a statement of the circumstances has been forwarded to the office ; and the remaining half after the trial of the offender.
Farmers and others possessing Exposed Property will derive especial benefit from this feature of the Society.
During the past year, 350 claims for losses, varying from 10&-. to £50, have been promptly paid by this Society.
Prosecution.—The Subscriber is relieved from all necessary expenses in prosecuting offenders; great care is taken in the management of prosecutions; and immediate steps are taken for the discovery and apprehension of offenders, for which purpose gratuities are allowed to Constables, and rewards offered in necessary cases.
Houses with Land or Private Houses
Places of Business. without Land.
Prosecution and Assurance............20s. 10s. annually
Either separately....................10s. 5s. „
l§^ Any further particulars may be obtained of the undermentioned Solicitors and Agents acting for this Society :—
Messrs. Coxwell and Co., Solicitors........Southampton
Mr. Charles King-, Newtown ................ ditto
Mr. Charles Colborne, Vincent's-walk...... ditto
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