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The system adopted by this Corporation combines the principle of Mutual Assurance with the security of a large Capital, and the support of an influential body of Proprietors.
The premiums are moderately rated at every age, and may be paid either in one sum, or by yearly, half-yearly, or quarterly instalments, so adjusted as to suit the convenience of parties.
The WHOLE PROFITS are divided amongst the ASSURED, after reserving one-tenth against the risk of extraordinary mortality, or other contingencies, each Policy drawing in proportion to the sum insured, and number of Premiums paid. The Bonus declared for the Septennial period ending 31st December, 1851, was at the rate of one and a quarter per cent, per annum on the sums insured, and on the previous Bonus additions, with a prospective Annual Bonus of one per cent.
Bonuses may at any time be commuted for a Cash payment, or applied in reduction of future premiums.
Advances are made on Policies to the extent of their acquired value.
All persons Assured in this Office may pass and repass, in time of peace, from one part of Europe to another, by sea or by land, without additional Premium, and no extra charge is made for residence in British North America, the Cape, Australia, and parts of the United States, and no licence required except for the voyage.

No Entry Money or other charge, except Policy Stamp.
Important Advantages offered by the Company on their Policies, rendering them, either as a Family Provision, or as a Transferable Security in money transactions, more valuable than hitherto to the Assured, and more marketable when wished to be disposed of:—
First—On proof of Age, Policies shall be declared indisputable on any ground whatever, after the lapse of Five Years from their date, provided the Premiums, ordinary or extra, stipulated by the Policy, be duly paid.
Second—Parties effecting Insurance with the Company may, on application, receive a Certificate declaring the Policy exempt, from and after the expiry of Five Years from its date, from the payment of extra Premium for Travelling or Residing beyond the limits of Europe, or for entering into Military or Naval Service, and from the necessity of applying for Licence so to Travel or Reside, or for entering into Military or Naval Service, after the expiry of the said Five Years, provided it shall be shewn, to the satisfaction of the Directors, that they have, at the time of the application, no intention or prospect of going Abroad, or entering into Military or Naval Service.
Tables and Prospectuses may be had op
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