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5, Chatham Place, Blackfriars, London.
Jefferv Smith, Esq. j Thomas How, Esq.
David Fergusson, Esq. I
John Carter, Esq., South Molton-street
Charles James Cox, Esq., 21, Lang-
ham-place, Cavendish-square David Fergusson, Esq., Eastcheap
Daniel McFarlan, Esq., Fenchurch
Street, and Haverstock Hill William Northcott, Esq., 13, Rood Lane
Chas. Snewin, Esq., Lloyd-square Ralph Stamper. Esq., Leadenhall-st. Frederick J. "Williams, Esq., Fen-church-street
Thomas Musgrave, esq.
and Champion Park Thomas How, Esq., Eastcheap, and Gordon House, Turnham Green Manager.
George Thomson, Esq.
Manchester Board.
S. S Behrens, Esq.—S. L. Behrens and Co., Oxford-street The Rev. John Hollist, St. James's Frederick Phillips, Esq., Alderman Old rrafford Martin Schunck, Esq.—Schunck, Souchay, and Co«, Peter-street William Sharp, Esq.—Sharp and Scott, Market-street Mr. B. Hampson, 14, Fountain-street, Secretary.
ADVANTAGES OFFERED BY THIS SOCIETY. Policies Indisputable unless obtained by fraud.
The Medical Fees paid by the Society.
All the Profits divided amongst the Members.
Assurances may be effected on a feingle Life, Joint Lives,
and Survivorships. . T.P m. c ,,
Policies may be made Payable during the Life Time of the
Non-Forfeiture of Policies.—Assurers unable or who find it inconvenient to pay their Premiums as they fall due, may obtain, on application to the Board of Directors, a temporary
The following Table shews the Bonuses declared on Policies effected with this Society prior to tbe 9th March last:
No. of Premiums Paid.
5 4
Age when Assured.
50 40 30
Annual Premium.
£ s. d.
45 19 2
32 19 2
24 15 0
Sum Assured.
£ 1000 1000 1000
Bonus added.
£ s. d.
94 13 0
65 0 0
43 14 5
Amount now Assured.
£ s. d.
1,094 13 0
1,065 0 0
1,043 14 5
Prospectuses may be obtained at the Office, or of any of the
Agents. AGENTS, &c.
Southampton.—Mr. S. Curtis, Mr.Badcock; H. Dusautoy, Esq.,
MlWoS®f-S. Jas. Way, St Thomas-street; M. Piercy, Esq.,
kr 33entham, Esq., Medical Referee. The Directors being desirous of extending the Agencies throughout the Provinces, are ready to receive applications from influential, active persons, accompanied with a reference.
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