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Names and Residences of Postmen.
Henry Cole..........21, South-front.
John Burgess................10, North-front, Kingsland-place.
Henry Burgess. ...........2, Middle North-front, Kingsland-place.
John Godley....................Nightingale-court, Kingsland-place.
J. Johnson......................7, New-road.
William J. Warne.... Castle-lane.
Edward Boyland.......1, Castle-square.
Bassett, Highjield, and Chilworth—Jas. Cole, 7, Cumberland-street.
North Stoneham, South Stoneham, Swaithling, § Portswood—Jas. Cole, jun.,
7, Cumber-land-street.
Botley—William Holmes, 8, Pound-tree-lane.
Westend—Henry Aylward, Ditto.
Bursledon—Jaines Gransden, Ditto.
Bitteme—G. Towton, Ditto.
Swanwick—Walter Cole, Ditto.
Post-office Money Orders.
Money Orders are granted and paid at the office in Hanover-buildings, letween 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., except on Saturdays, when the Office remains open dntil 8 p.m. On Sundays the Money Order Office is closed.
Money Orders must be presented for payment before the second calendar month after that in which they were issued (for instance, if issued in October, 'hey must be presented for payment before the end of December), otherwise t will be necessary to obtain fresh orders, for which a second commission must be paid.
All Money Orders must be presented for payment before the twelfth calendar nonth after that in which they were issued (for instance, if issued in October, .849, and not presented before the end of October, 1850, the money will not be paid at all).
After once paying a Money Order, by whomsoever presented, the Post-iffice will not be liable to any further claim; the public are therefore strictly autioned—
1st. To be careful, on taking out a Money Order, to state correctly the Christian name, as well as the surname, of the person in whose favour it is to be drawn.
2d. To see that the name, address, and occupation of the person taking out the Money Order are correctly known to the person in whose favour it is drawn.
Persons requiring a transfer of Money Orders from one post town to another, or wishing to have the money refunded at the office at which the orders were •riginally drawn, must make the application to the Postmaster-General in London, and enclose the commission of 3d. or 6d. in stamps.
Inland Registered Letters.
Letters to be registered must be posted half an hour before the closing of the box for the mails by which the letters are to be despatched. The postage must be pre-paid in stamps, but the registration fee of 6d. must be paid in money.
No letters can be registered after 9.30 a.m. on Sundays, and 9.30. p.m. during the week.
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