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Collector—Thomas Powell, esq. Comptroller—Neil Leitch, esq.
long room.
Chief Clerk—J. Graves, esq. Clerks—G. Dymott, J. Balmain, J. F. Stephens John Lisle, B. Mackay, G. D. Allen, C. F. Williams, H. Durkin, J. t! Tucker, J. Yarnold, and H. Coxwell.
... _ -.ianwitg department.
Landing Surveyors—Henry Woods, esq., Paterson Bamber, esq. Searchers and Landing Waiters: First Class—A. Baker, C. J. Clarke. Second Class—H. W. Miall, H. G. Sellwood, J. F. Parker, G. Brown. Third Class—W. Walker, G. Batten, E. Sharp, J. Dawes, J. W. Phillips. Superintending Locker—J. Bertram.
Lockers—C. J. Holton, J. Johnson, J. Goodden, W. Mold, G. Green, J
Huntley, T. Crook, C. Dyer.
Weighers—W. Gosling, W. A. Lacey, H. Corke, R. Fuszard, H. Mitchell, H. White, W. Moore, F. Osman, F. Young, J. Yeoman, R. Clayton, E. A. Lisle.
waterside department.
Tide Surveyors—T. Obree, J. W. Witt, M. Byrne, H. Williamson.
Tide Waiters : First Class—C. Wilton, J. Hill, R. Taylor, W. Yaughan, W. Goff, W. H. King, E. Page, R. P. Spurrier, J. Croome, J. Jeffress, J. S. Watts.
Second Class—A. Burnett, T. Taylor, L. Jukes, G. P. Dailey, H. Shepherd, W. Beavis, F. Cosens, W. Simmons, J. Johnson, A. Turnbull, J. Gregory. F. Page, W. J. Bone, H. Toby, A. Read.
Boatmen: First Class—E. Field, W\ Ward, W\ Wheeler, H. Paskins, C. Forder.
Second Class—W. James, E. Wild, G. Odell, W. Tune, W. Stavely, J. May-nard, J. Gregory, W. G. John, G. Scott.
Messengers—James Foot, J. R. Hunt.
coast guard stations, comprising about 1 20 men;
Hamble—Mr. W. Greek, r.n. Southampton Water
Marchwood—Lieut. J. Simpson, r.n. Calshot—Lieut. W. Mitchell, r.n. Lepe—Mr.G. Collier, r.n. Beaulieu—Mr. J. Morgan.
Pitt's Deep—Lieut. J. C. H. Tracey,
Lymington—Lieut. C. E. Powys,r.n. Hurst—Lieut. W. C. Geary, r.n. Barton—Lieut. R. J. Bevians, r.n. Christchurch—Lieut. E. H. Kennett,
Revenue Cruiser—Lady of the Lake, Mr. Spracklin, Commander. Inspecting Commanders—Lymington, Capt. J. G. Harrison, r.n. Gosport, Capt. V. A. Massingberd, r.n.
Coast Officers—Lymington, Mr. G. Grunsell. Christchurch, Lieut. E. H. Kennett, r.n.
The hours of business at the Custom House Long Room are from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon.
In the Landing Department, the hours are from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, except for the examination of baggage, when the hours are from six in the morning until eight at night.
All goods can be imported into the Port of Southampton; also Tea, from China, yiThe imports into Southampton are very considerable, consisting of the most valuable productions of the East and West Indies, China, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, and France.