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Kennish, C., Nursling Kimber, Nath., 1, Lr. Bedford-pl. King, Thomas, Shirley Lane, Charles, 15, North-front Lane, Charles, 11, West-street Langford, F., 13, Middle East-st. Lecocq, Mrs. Fanny, Above-bar Legg, James, 19, Orchard-lane Leggett, Edwin, Crabniton Liddle, James, 95, Bevois-street Lock, Richard, Broad-street Loosemore, R., jun., Prince's-st. Lovell, George, 46, Chapel- road M'Kay, B., Millbrook M'Lorinan, Thomas, Canute-road MacdonaJd, Charles, King-street Macrow, Mrs., Lower East-street Manning, Joseph, Redbridge Mansbridge, B., Prince's-street Marlow, W., 13, Up. East-street May, George, 4, Strand Meacher, W., 59-60, Millbank-st.1 Medley, William, 16, French-st. Millard, John, Shirley Mirtle, Henry, 1, Four Posts Mitchell, John, Shirley Morgan, Charles, 78, High-street Newman, Mrs., Winchester-street Nicholls, Charles, 1, Regent-street Osman, William, 1, Albion-place. Paddick, C., 1, IJp. St. Mary's-st. Page, Mrs. S., 95, High-street Pain, Mrs., Shirley Parkman, J., 1, Lr. St. Mary's-st. Penford, J., Calmor, Totton Penney, Thomas, 3, Orchard-lane Penton, John, 10, Cooksey's-ter. Philpott, William, 10, Grove-st. Pitt, William, Fawley Pitt, William, 25, French-street Pope, G. Y., 24, Lr. St. Mary's-st. Prince, William, Four Posts Proud, Thomas, 9, French-street Purkis, John, 6, Lr. Canal-walk Rideout, Robert, 7, Mount-place Savage, W., 22, Hanover-builds. Scorey, Charles, Chapel-road Scrase, E., Up. Back-of-the-Walls Sheppard,W.,Up.Southampton-st. Skeats, N., 3 6 4, Eldon-tcrrace Blade, W., Highfield
Slater, Mrs., 4, Upper Canal-walk Stephens, Henry, Hythe Stone, E., Up. St. Mary's-street Strubell, G., 61, Mid. East-street Stump, S.,Mid. Back-of-the-Walls Swaffield, Thomas, Millbank-st. Sweetingham, A., Derby-street Taplin, H., Bitterne Taylor, Mrs. A., Eling Taylor, W., Totton Trill, Charles, Hanover-buildings Trone, Walter, 86, High-street Tucker, George, 36, French-street Warren, Charles, 7, Up. Canal-wk. Warren, G., Lower Lyon-street Warwick, Mrs. A., Low. Canal-wk. Webb, H., Nursling White, John, York-street Williams, Mrs., 30, French-street Willis, Charles, Millbank-street Wilson, G., Millbrook Woods, Elizabeth, 42, French-st. Wren, Mary, Millbrook Young, Elizabeth, Love-lane Young, James, 7, Russell-street
Berlin Wool Warekousekeepers
Hills, Robert, 175, High-street Jennings, Martha, 23, High-street Laing, Mrs. J., 16, Hamilton-ter. Leach, Mrs. A., 12, Above-bar
Bird-Stuffer and Dealer. Ware, Frederick, Strand
Blacking Maker.
Gregory, George, 11, Compton-wk.
Block & Mast Makers.
Fay, 8., & Son, 90, High-street Mist, George, 29, Orchard-lane Molland, C., Longcroft-street Molland, W., 105, Bevois-street
Boat Builders.
Boyce, John, West-quay Durant, Samuel, 5, Oxford-ter. Hatcher, D. G., Longcroft-street Millward, A., 21, Clifford-street Payne, A., £6, Bevois-street
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