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alphabetical list of names.

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M'Killican, John, grocer, 39, Bevois -street
M'Kinn, — esq. Rufus-cottage, Shirley , ,
McLaren, Rev. A., b.a., minister of Portland-chapel, Laverton-ho. Hill
McLaughlin, Michael, Bedford Arms, Bedford-place
M'Leod, Miss Sarah, 1, Clarendon-terrace
M'Leod Thomas, of the Map Office, Frederick-street, Newtown M'Lorinan, Thomas, steward, 7, Clifford-street, St. Mary s M'Naught, John, draper, 12, St. Mary's-street M'Queen, Alexander, draper, 36, South-front M'Queen, James, draper, 16, Upper St. Mary s-street M'Rea, R. J. foreman in W. I. Co's. boiler-factory, 15, Richmond-. M'Ritchie, Alexander, engineer, 15, Clifford-street, St. Mary s MacCauley, John, of the Map-office, 19, Fanshawe-street, Newtown Macdonald, Charles, beer-retailer, White Horse, King-street Macey, Mrs. 2, Bowditch-terrace, Newtown Mackey, Bryan, esq. solicitor, 10, Cumberland-place Mackey, Bryan, jun. of H. M. Customs, 10, Cumberland-place Mackey, Patrick, esq. surgeon, 4, Gloucester-square Mackey, fm. Henry, esq. solicitor and superintendent-registrar, 10,
Cumberland-place in ~__4.
Maclachlan, Archibald, Major-general, 8, Rockstone-place, Crescent
Maclaren, Francis, master-mariner, 2, Orchard-place
Maclean, Jabez, cork-cutter, 19, Hanover-buildings „ ,
Maclean, Mrs. lodginghouse-keeper, 2, Upper Park-place, Bedford p .
Maclin, William, schoolmaster, Westend
Macnaghton, Stuart, esq. Bitterne Manor-house, Westend
Macormac, John, ship-carpenter, 8, Lower Canal-walk
Macrow, James, builder, 52, Lower East-street
Madden, Charles, Commander, r.n., 17, Bernard-street
Madden, Mrs. 154, Blechynden-terrace , „
Madden, Timothy, beer-retailer, Windsor Castle, Upper Canal-walk
Maddison (Martin) and Pearce (Robert), bankers, 1/2, High-stree
Maddison, Martin, esq. Castle-square
Madge, John, baker, 28, Bullar-street, Newtown
Maffey, John, gentleman, 1, Bellevue-cottages, Love-lane
Maffey, John, timber-merchant, Orchard-lane; private residence,
West-quay .
Maffey, Jonah, grocer, 14, Commercial-road Maidment, George, porter, 38, French-street Mainwaring, George, engineer, 12, Compton-walk Mair, James, draper, 13, South-front Mair, Matthew, draper, 12, West-front, Kingsland Major, Mrs. Ann, 4, Upper St. Mary's-street Makepeace, Thos. blacksmith, Shirley Malachi, John, waiter, Winchester-street Malvern, Charles, cabinet-maker, 5, St. Mary s-street Manby, George, chemist and druggist, 112, High-street Mander, Thomas, of the Map-office, 59, Fanshawe-street Mandy, James, shoe-warehouse, 9, St. Mary's-street Mandy, Mrs. Royal Mail Inn, Millbrook Mangin, Alexander, esq. 1, Upper Moira-place
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