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Cortis, Mrs. 6, Anglesea-place Cosens, Ann, 17, Clifton-terrace
Cosens, Frederick, of H. M. Customs, 1, Orchard-terrace Cosens, Henry, printer, Orchard-street Cosens, Samuel, tailor, Orchard-street Cosens, William, builder, Union-street Cosier, G-. P. corn-merchant, Botley
Coster and Allvey, ship-brokers and coal-merchants, 84, High-street
Coster, Charles, jun. master-mariner, 58, High-street
Coster, Charles, sen. coal-merchant, 44, Oxford-street
Coster,Richard,master-mariner,3,Bowling-green-row, Lower Canal-wk.
Coster, Samuel, sail-maker, 2, Bowling-green-row, Lower Canal-walk
Coster, William, coal-merchant and ship-agent, 10, Briton-street
Coswell, T. Capt., R.isr., Botley
Cotton, Miss S. Prospect-cottage, Shirley
Cotton, R. clerk, St. John's Chapel, Hythe
Cotton, William, bricklayer, Hythe
Cotton, William Henry, pawnbroker, 5, St. Michael's-square Couchman, Thomas, Rushington-cottage, Totton Coulson, Alexander, shoemaker, 21, Clifton-terrace Coulthart, John, relieving-officer, 22, Chichester-terrace, Northam-rd. Coupland, Henry P. working-jeweller and watchmaker, 33, Above-bar (see adv. p. 114)
Coupland, John, Hampshire Advertiser-office, 28, High- street; private
residence, Glen-cottage, Bitterne Courtney, Edward, publican, Grapes Tavern, 42, Oxford-street Courtney, Mrs. Church-road, Shirley Coutts, Mrs. 3, Onslow-road, Newtown Cove, John, miller, Bursledon Coventry, Frederick, esq. Romsey-road, Shirley Covey, John, Highfield, Stoneham Covey, Mrs. Hythe
Covey, Thomas, bootmaker, Millbank-street, Northam Coward, Henry, esq. 8, Portland-street Coward, John, mariner, 12, Anglesea-terrace Coward, W. baker, Trafalgar-place, Northam Cowdery, John, coal-meter, 1, Chapel-road Cowdry, Mrs. Belgrave-place, Shirley
Cowdy, James, toll-collector, Floating-bridge Toll-house, Bridge-road
Cox, Caleb, carpenter, Mount-pleasant, Newtown
Cox, Charles, ostler, Nightingale-court, Craven-street
Cox, Charles, clerk, of the Ocean Steam Co. 16, Brunswick-square
Cox, Eli, Fountain Tap, Broad-lane
Cox, George, carpenter, Stoneham
Cox, George, beer-retailer, 33, South-front, Kingsland
Cox, James, gent. 6, Frederick-street, Newtown
Cox, James Charles, bookseller and stationer, printer and news-agent,
1, St. Mary's-street Cox, John, grocer and innkeeper, Stoneham Cox, John, gun-maker, 7, Bernard-street Cox, Samuel, of the Post-office, 49, Fanshawe-street, Newtown
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