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Evans, G. & H. 27, Above-bar Green, G. & J. 19, Middle East-st. Lucas, T. Marsh-lane Peirce, J. S. 31, Above-bar Rogers, J. 30, St. Mary's-place, Mrs. 42, Above-bar Way, J. Northam-street, Charlotte-pl. Woodford, J. 23, Craven-street
Baldo, Thos.5, Peto-street.St.Mary's Coster, Sam. G. 2, Lower Canal-wk. Lawrence. Chas. 81, High-street Scoveil, C. 82, High-street Stockham, T. Fives'-court, French-st.
Saw and Tool Maker.
Fisher, John, 4, Lower Canal-walk
Sawyers. .
Barnes, John, 12, James-street Bendell, C. 23, St. "Mary's-place Bridle, William, 13, Coleman-street Brown, George, 17, St. Mary's-street Cole, George, 8, St. George's-place Davis, George, 5, King-street Dawkins, G. H. 24, St. Mary's street Driver, Rolles, St. Mary's-mills Grace, G. 29, Paget-street Hall, G. Chapel-road Jackson, G. 14, Grove-street Legg, Thomas, Millbank-st. Northam Metcher, C. York-street, Northam Peckham, J. 38, Bedford-place Sharp, G. Chapel mills Taylor, G. 1, York-street, Northam Tiller, E. 10, Upper Canal walk West, J. 25, Chichester-terrace
Schools (Boarding 8f Day). Arthur, Mrs. Polygon Badcock, Mrs. 10, Gloucester square Bligh, Julia, 2, Anglesea- terrace Bowen, Miss, 5, Upper Park-place Bower, R. Edward, 15, Manchester-st. Bower, Rev. W. H. Hythe Caiger, Misses, Kelston-lodge,Shirley Chandler, Mrs. 3, Coleman-place Cheshire, W. 1, Lansdown-liill Clack, Miss Osborn-ho.- Up. New-rd. Clark, H. 10, Upper New-road Clarke, W. B. 5, Grove-street Clarke, W. 0. 10, Strand Cole, Miss, 11, Orchard-terrace Crabb, J. R. Hill-lane Crabb, Francis R. Shirley
Davison, Misses, 4, Moira-place Dominey, C. 10,Low.Southampton-st.' Drew, John, Cumberland-place Duncan, James, 1, Prospect-place Du Soir, J. C. Sussex-cot. Houndwell Elliston, Mrs. Laverton-house, Hill Ellyett, Miss, St. Mary's-street Everitt, Joseph, Poplar-ho. Shirley Figes, '—, Lime-cottage, Nursling Fisher, Wm. Shirley Foquett, Fred. 31. Bedford-place Ford, Miss S. A. 79, Marland-place Fuszard, Mrs. 2, Palmyra-place Goodman, J. Westend Gould, Miss, 7, West-front Griffith, Mary Ann, 9, Bernard-street Groves, W. Millbrook Harle, J. 26, Grove-street Hart, C. 21, Fanshawe street Harwood, Mrs. 14, Portland-street Humphries, Miss A. 5, Bevois-street Jacob, Misses, 3, Albion-terrace Jerham, T. Winsor, Totton Kersley, D. Westend Knapp & Hutchins, Misses, Victoria-
rooms Lane, Miss C. Polygon Lanham, Miss, Red bridge Lewis, Miss, Bitterne Lumb, Rev. J. Bitterne Maclin, William, Westend Marsh, J ohn, Fawley Mayor, Misses, Shirley Miller. Misses, 8, Sussex-place Mitchell, Miss L. Totton Mondey, Thomas, Fanshawe street P arris, J. 9, Oxford-street Parry, Mrs. Portland-place Paul, S. 24, French-street Pitcher, Mrs. 3, Hanover-buildings Philpot, W. Bitterne Pope, Miss J. E. 10, St. Michael's-sq. Probert, Mrs. 43, Fanshawe-street Provan, A. 2, St. Mary's-place Red wards, J. 41, French-street Renouf, Misses, 1, Low. Canal-walk Rivers, James, Bitterne Rogers, W. 6, Melbourne-street Rooke, Miss, Totton Shapcott, Rev. T. L. Bugle-street Sharp, W. Totton Simmons, Mrs. Ann, 30, Oxford-st. Sims, W. 15, Hanover-buildings Springett, Mrs. 2, Alfred-st.Newtown Sunley, Miss, 6, Mid. Portland-ter. Stephens, Mrs. M. 9, Waight's-ter."
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