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Cave, J. 1, Compton-walk Cave, T. 33, French-street Colwell, C. 4, Orchard-lane Crabb, J. B. 32, French-street Darking, L. Upper Portland terrace Davis, G. 80, Marland-place Down, J. 11, Houndwell-gardens Early, J. 4, Northam-road Edwards H. 40, Middle East-street Ellis, John, 7, Grove-street Froud, Henry, 7, Union-street Gale, J. W. 10, Bevois-street Gates, J. 5, Bowditch-terrace Goddard, G. 6, Bevois-street Gosland, T. 30, Carlton-place Greenwood, P. 30, French-street Harbut, J. 9, Orchard-terrace Harris, G. 9, James-street Heath, H. '
Hibberd, B Hickman, I Hounsell, C Howell, E.
Howell, H.
Ingram, G.
Ingram, S.
Jewell, E. 1
errace street
East-st. e
Kennell, G. 42, Lower East-street Keeping, J. Castle-lane King, W. 17, St. Mary's-street Laishley, J. 14, Cumberland-street Leach, J. 61, High-street Leach, T. 13, Cumberland-street Mansbridge, G. 21, Be vols-valley Martin, A. 31, St. Mary's-place Martin, J. H. 21, Queen's-street Martin, Joseph, 7, Strand Martin, W. 4, Eldon-terrace Mastern, J. 50, Lower East-street May, J. 5, Castle-square Metcher T. 4, Middle East-street Mirtle, H. 12, Exmouth-pl. New-rd. Munday, C. 6, Clarendon-terrace Neale, E. 24, South-front
otton, T. 25, Upper Canal-walk Oakley, J 3, Upper St. Mary's-st.
erkms, J. 26, Winchester-terrace Puntis, J. 2, Northam-road £ay, J 46, Lower East-street 7? USSe11> • Latimer-house,LatirQer-st. Russell, H. 18, South-front ghepard, J. West-quay Shepard, T. 28, French-street
ange, E. 3, St. Mary's-street
Taylor, C. 10, Latimer-street Thomas, C. 2, Orchard-street lizard, E. 69, James-street Underwood, R. 2, Pound-tree-lane Weston, T. 25, Upper East-street Weston, W. 4, Manchester-street Whitcher, D. 5, St. Mary's-street Williams, H. 9, Bernard-street
Paper Rider.
Waight, Thos. 30, Bell-street
Cotton, W. H. 5, St. Michael's-sq. Emanuel S & M. 8 & 9, Up.East-st Spurrier, Mrs. E. 29, Above-bar
Bullar, J m.d., 2, Prospect-place Bullar, W., m.d., 2, Prospect-place Churcher, S., m.d., Fawley Clark, H., m.d., 62, Above-bar Hooper, C., m.d., 16, Above-bar Norton, J. H., m.d., Shirley Oke, W., m.d., 9, Portland-terrace wen,J.E.,M.i).,Ionic-ho.Anglesea-pl. Shutter, T., m.d., 15, Bugle-street bteed, G., m.d., 5, Portland-terrace Wheeler, C. W., m.d., Shirley Williams O. W., m.d., 9, Sussex-pl. Wilmot, P., m.d,, 84, Marland-pl.
Piano-forte Tuners.
Bridger, H. 5, Sussex-place Gubbins, G. 49, Above-bar Hammond, G. Above-bar Vaughan, T. 8, Carlton-place Wellman, F. Bitterne
Pipe Maker.
Harding, G. 16, Bell-street
Pork Butchers.
Bissell,William, 13, Upper Canal-wk. Buttle, John, 25, French-street Candy, Henry, Upper Canal-walk Candy, John, 4, Bedford-place Clark, Charles, 4, Upper Canal-walk Davies, Owen, 11, Upper East-st. Giles, Jos. 15, French-street Hawkins, Isaac, 2, St. Mary's-street Moody, Charles, 8, St. Mary's-street Moody, Mark, Upper Canal-walk Oakley, J. 4, St. Mary's-street Rogers, J, 30, High-street
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