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Hockley, T. 37, Middle East-street Howell E. 4, Andover-pl. Orchard-la. Hurst, Mrs. 41, Lower East-street Ireland, H. 44, Bevois-street Jannaway Mrs. Upper St. Mary's-st. Kearsley, J. 25, Bedford-place Lampard, J. St. Mary's-street Lampard, W-John-street, Kingsland Lockyer, J. Castle-square Lowe, C. 9, Nelson-place Lloyd, J. 119, High-streec Madge, John, 28, Bullar-st. Newtown Mann, T. 25, Bernard-street Martin, R. 14, French-street May, J 5,.Upper St. Mary's-street May, W. Northam-st. Chaiiotte-pl. Morley, W 10, Middle East-street Mould, H. Melbourne.street Mowle, E. 1, St. Mary's-street Munton, W. Upper East-street Osbaldiston, J. 1, Oxford-street Pierson, W. Winchester-street Pitt, Mrs. 18, Upper St. Mary's-street
Rendle J Millbank-street, Northam Rose, H. 6, St. Mary's-street Royall, C. 5, Upper East-street Saunders, G. 1, Upper Canal-walk Sawyer, J. Bevois-valley Sears, W. 4, Upper Canal-walk Shepard, C. H. 7, Hermann-terrace Smith, Mrs. A. 21, Bedford-place Smith, Mrs. 9, Onslow-road Stride, Charles, Bevois-street Strugnell, George, 14, West-street Summers, J. 6, Middle East-street Tanner, J. Ill, High-street Taylor & Son, 10, Upper East-street Terry, T W. 68, Middle East-street Warner, H. 18, Richmond-street Watts, W. 16, West-front, Kingsland llkmson, G. C. 166, High-street
Davis, C. Upper Canal-walk
Davis, Thomas, Upper Canal-walk
19' Above-bar, and 43, High-street
Knight, J. H. 155, High-street
Lindop, A. 134, High-street
1 riggs, R. Northam-st. Charlotte-pl.
Bath Proprietors 8f Managers.
Clark, Thomas, West-quay Dear, C. Cuckoo-lane Pardey, Mrs. Regent place
Beer Retailers.
Ath^-ley, Fall, and Atherley, jun. 25,
High-street Hampshire Banking Co. 21, High-st. Maddison & Pearce, 172, High-st. ■National Provincial Banking Co. 129 _ High-street '
Savings' Bank, 30, Portland-street
BasJcet Makers.
Arnold, W.2, Paradise-row, Northam-road
Adams, H. (Royal Tar) Cross-street,
King-street Andrews, Mrs. (Ship) Cross-house Avery, Mary (Victory) Godfrey-st.
Crabniton Barnes, G. (Crown) Bevois-valley Batchelor, Ann (Avon) James-street Batchelor, M. (Cat & Fiddle) Derby-street
Beavis, James, 17, Orchard-lane Bell, Leonard, 9, Upper Prospeet-pl. Bendell, J. (Foresters'Arms) Marine-parade
Biles, David, 43, Bevois-street Bowles, A. G. (Royal Standard) I
Anglesea-terrace Boyce, T. Millbrook Brice, William, 1, Nelson-place Bullmore, Ann, Hamble Bund ay, James, Langley, Fawley Burnett, T. 22, Upper Canal-walk Burt, Charles, Calmor, Totton Carter, Samuel, Shirley Churchill, J ohn, Castle-square Clear, Daniel, Totton Coaten, T. (Stag) Chapel-road Cobb, George (Fox) Melbourne-st. Collins, Thomas, 57, Bevois-street Colman, C. F. 81, High-street Cooper, George, 30, Lyon-street Cox, George, 33, South-front Crabb, J. B. 32, French-street Cross, Mrs. Eliz. (Rose & Crown) 39 French-street '
Curtis, J ohn, Castle square Davis, G. (New Inn) King-street Dawkins, G. H. 24, St. Mary's-street Dawkins, W. 20, St. Mary's-street Deamon, A. Hill-street Dench, John, 36, Middle East-street Dewick, W. (Star) Prince's-strpet
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