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alphabetical list of names.

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Thompson, Thomas, tailor, 25, South-front Thompson, William, boat-builder, 15, Western-terrace Thomson Archibald, engineer, 30, Clifton-terrace Thorn, Charles, beer-retailer, 19, Orchard-lane Thorn, Mrs. greengrocer, 16, Ljon-street, Newtown Thorp, John, Hedgend, Botley Thorp, William, Holly-grove, Botley Threadgold, John R. 4, Brunswick-terrace Thring, Edward, wharfinger, 81, French-street Thnng, Mrs. Elizabeth, wine-merchant, J 07, High-street lhulby, John, coachman, 1, Bannister-street
Tlmrlow, Mrs Elizabeth, boarding-house, 71, High-street 'libbs, J. Shirley
Tilbury, Charles, sheriff's-officer, 5, Frederick-street, Newtown
lilbury, William, policeman, Northam-street, Charlotte-place
^ er' ^mund, sawyer and greengrocer, 10, Upper Canal-walk
Tiller, John, wheelwright, Langley, Fawley
Tiller, John, wheelwright, 27, AVinchester-terrace
liller, Mrs. SO, Lyoil-street, Newtown
Tiller, Sarah, innkeeper, Exbury, Fawley
rp'ii^ Bedford Arms Tap, 10, Lower Bannister-street
lilhng, George, innkeeper, 48, French-street
Tillott, Mrs. Church-road, Shirley
Tillott, Thomas, edge-tool-maker, Shirley
Tilly, Mrs. Elizabeth, Firgrove, Westend
Tim son, Rev. E. Tatchbury, Totton
Tindall, J. esq. Laurel-cottage, Bitterne
Tinker, The Misses, 11, Bellevue-place
Tinling, Capt. Edward, R.jg-., 23, Carlton-crescent
iPPClkto™pieaceRlHillCOal"agent' High-street; private residence,
Tiran M A., c.e., professor of French, 14, Bedford-terrace
lizard, Edward, painter, 69, James street
Tizard, Mrs. Eliza, beer-retailer, 1, Grove-street
Todd, Col. F. Calvados-villa, Shirley
Todd, Richard, railway-inspector, 6, Oxford-terrace
lolfree, ^-llliam, shoemaker, 28, Houndwell-gardens
Tomhn, William, Hedgend, Botley
Tomlinson, Lieut., r.x., Hounsdown, Totton
Toogood, Martin, builder, Totton
Toogood, Martin, jun. builder, Totton
Toogood, Mrs. 12, Bedford-terrace
Toogood, W. builder, Totton
Toomer, Edward, esq. 68, Marland-place
Toomer, Joseph, esq. 68, Marland-place
Topp, Edward, Burchland-farm, Marchwood
Tout, Charles, boot and shoemaker, 2, Middle East-street
lovery, Miss, Fairthorn-cottage, Botley
Tovey, Thomas, apparitor, Post-office, Hythe
lovey, Richard, of the Map-office, 19, Blechynden-terrace
xowton, Or. parish-clerk, Pear tree-green, Bitteriie
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