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´╗┐alphabetical list of names.
T^nrmton. Wm. carpenter, 62, Bevois-street
Thos. carpenter, 2, Union-terrace and Manchester-st.
Tlovd Jas. baker and confectioner, 119, High-street
wder, Wm. Artesian Well, Highfield Q.
Lobb and Knight, drapers, 31 and 32, High-street (see adv. p. 9)
Lobb, Joseph, esq. Polygon-temwe
Lock! Chas. gentleman, 15, Cranbury-place^
Lock Hen. brewer and maltster, 23, French-street
Lock' Jas. shipwright, 5, Eastern-place, North-front
Lock Jas. Hen. beer retailer, West Quay Tavern
Lock, John, beer retailer, 16, New-road . , , _
Lock Rebecca, brewer and beer retailer, Bevois-street Brewery
Lock' Rich, brewer and beer retailer, Broad-street, Kingsland-place
Lock Wm. Thos. cabinet maker, 40, East-street
Lock (Sarah) Mrs. 15, Hanover-buildings
Lockyer, Geo. coachbuilder, 13, Castle-square
Lockyer, Geo. carpenter, Freemason's Hall, Bugle-street
Lockyer, Jas. baker, Castle-square
Lockyer, Mrs. furniture broker, St. Mary's-street
Lomer, E. merchant, 82, High-st.; private res. Shirley-hall, Shirley
Lomer, F. merchant, 70, High-street ,
LomerJ W. esq. R.N. secretary R. S. Y. Club, 13, Carlton-crescent Lomer, Wm. wine merchant and teadealer, 5, High-street Lomer, Wm. jun. 5, High-street
Lomer, W. M. writing clerk, Portland-cottage, Shirley ^
Loney, Jos. F. surveyor of taxes, Castle-lane, and Marchwood
Long, Chas. esq. solicitor, 9, Carlton-crescent
Long, Jas. merchant, 66, Marland-place
Longland, Thos. yeoman, Church-place, Totton
Longsford, Wm. 10, West-street
Lonsdale, A. esq. 54, Fanshawe-street
Loosemore, Robt. brewer and ship chandler, Chapel-road
Lorden, Sam. flyman, Belle Vue-street, Charlotte-place
Loring, Admiral Sir John W. Pear-tree-house, Pear-tree-green
Loring (William) Capt. R.N. Pear-tree-house, Pear-tree-green
Lott, Fred, builder, Royal George Tap, Porter's-lane
Lott (Sarah) Mrs. victualler, Royal George Tap, Porter's-lane
Louth, John S. railway superintendent, Bishopstoke Station
Love, Geo. veterinary surgeon, 21, East-street
Loveder, Chas. 1, Orchard-street
Lovell, John, sexton of St. John's, Marchwood
Lovell (Martha) Mrs. 16, St. Mary's-street
Lovell, Geo. smith, Cadnam, Totton
Lovelock (Maria) Mrs. 14, Oriental-terrace
Lovick, Mrs. St. John's-court
Lowe, Christopher, baker, 9, Nelson-place
Lowe, Geo. victualler, George Inn, 35, Above-bar
Lowe, John, 8, South-front, Kingsland-place
Lowe, Thos. tailor, Hounsdown
Lowe, Wm. Chas. 20, Hanover-buildings
Lowman, Edw. 20, Hanover-buildings

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