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Dominey, Jas. butcher, Hill Dominey, John, 2, Milford-place Dominey, John, rope maker, 20, Paget-street Dominey, Miss, dressmaker, 2, Milford-place Dominey, Wm. Post-office, Paradise-place, Four Posts Dommett, Hen. basket maker, Church-road, Shirley Domone, Wm. carpenter and joiner, 16, Union-terrace Donkin, Rich, bootmaker, 3, Albion-place Donkin, Robt. tailor, 65, High-street
Dore (Jas. Taylor) and Co. general drapers, 123 and 124, High.
street (see adv. p. 40)
Dorkin, Lawrence, painter, 15, Manchester-street Doswell, John D. civil engineer and surveyor, 5, Albion-place Doswell, Chas. M. architect and surveyor, 7, Hamilton-terrace Doswell, Geo. civil engineer and land surveyor, 35, Bernard-street Doswell, Rich, surveyor, 12, Blechynden-street Doswell (Henry) Lieut. R.N. 1, Henstead-terrace Douglas, David Graham, silk mercer, 6 and 7, Upper East-street
(see adv. p. 44)
Douglas, Joseph, gilder, 9, Bedford-place Douglas, Lyndoch, esq. 10, Brunswick-place Douglas (M.) Lady, 24, Carlton-crescent Douse, Isaac, pork butcher, St. Mary's-street Douse, John, yeoman, Deer Leap-farm, Hounsdown Dowden, Miss, Sylvan-villa, Hythe Dowding, Mrs. dressmaker, Hamble-green Dowley, Jas. boiler maker, Clarence-terrace, Northam Dowling, Fred, tailor, 5, Middle East-street Dowling, Hen. market gardener, Vine-cottage, Woolston Dowling, Miss, 8, Cranbury-place
Dowman, Geo. chemist and druggist, and agent for the English
Widows' Fund, 160, High-street (see adv. p. 77)
Down, Jas. 19, Grove-street Downer, Jas. gardener, Eaglehurst
Downey, John, of the Ordnance Office, Albert-cottage, Newtown
Drane, Thos. esq. Durham-lodge, Shirley
Draper, John, builder, 12, Orchard-lane
Draper, Mrs. ladies' seminary, Middle Portland-terrace
Dredge, Wm. yeoman, Exbury
Drew, John, private tutor, Winsor-house, Cumberland-place Drew, Miss, stay and corset maker, 15, Above-bar Drew, Wm. 15, Above-bar
Driffield (Jos. Bligh) Lieut. R.N. 2, Cranbury-terrace
Driver & Sheppard, St. Mary's saw and planing mills, Marsh-lane
Driver, Rolles, Winchester-road, Shirley
Drone (Eliz.) Mrs. 10, St. Michael's-square
Druce, Joseph, esq. 6, Brunswick-place
Drummond, A. R. esq. Cadlands, Fawley
Drummond, Col. Berkeley, Eaglehurst, Fawley
Drummond (Wm. Chas.) Col. Myrtle-cottage, Ports wood
Duckworth, Wm. esq. Beechwood-house, Bartley
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