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nwree George, 6, South-front
TwJersey, Carey B. esq. Riversfield-house, Shirley
TV Elboux Xiouis, of the Ordnance Office, RegeUt's-park, Millbrook
Delafosse' Mrs. Major, 5, Rockstone-terrace, Carlton-crescent
Dempster, George, draper, 18, St Mary-street
Denham, Mrs. the Lawn, Bursledon , . ,
Penman (Mary) Mrs, milliner and dressmaker 8, East-street
Pay, Mrs. 20, Upper St. Mary's-street
peschamp, Mrs. Laurel-cottage, Hythe
Dennis, Mrs. 10, Fanshawe-street
Pennis, Sergeant John, 17, East-street
Pevenish, M. H. bookseller, stationer, and printer, 4, High-street
Pe Vine, Thomas, confectioner, Upper Prospect-place
Pew, Henry, stonemason, 5, Orchard-Lane
Pewer, John, carpenter, 18, Anglesea-terrace
Peykin, Sam. file cutter, 38, Bevois-street
Piaper, John, victualler, Duke of Wellington, Bugle-street
Piaper, Mark, mariner, Hamble
Piaper, Mark, carver and gilder, 2, Albion-place
Pibden, Wm. boot and shoemaker, 9, Brewhouse-lane, High-st.
Pible, Jas. Vansittart-cottage, Eldon-terrace
Pible, John, mariner, Brunswick-cottage, Brunswick-square
Pible, Wm. mariner, Albion-house, Oxford-street
Pick (J.) Rear-Admiral, 8, Belle Vue-place
Pickson, P. esq. 1, Park-place, Bedford-terrace
Pigweed (Ann) Mrs. 10, St. Michael's-square
Dilly, M. Cranbury-terrace
Pinning, Jas. 25, Paget-street
Pispensary, The, 146, High-street (see adv. p. 65)
Pipnal, Dan, esq. Westend-villa, Westend
Ditchburn, Dent, blockmaker, 40, James's street
Pitchburn, Thos. engineer, 1, Blechynden-street
Pivers, Fred. 16, West-front
Divers, John, victualler, Bedford Arms, Bedford-place
Dix (Eliza L.) Mrs. eating-house keeper, 21, French-street
Dixon, Edw. of the Ordnance Office, Lyon-street
Dixon, Henry, esq. Midland-cottage, Westend
Dixon, Mrs. 2, Rockstone-terrace, Oarlton-crescent
Dobson, Charlotte, schoolmistress to the Poor-house, 32, Above-bar
Docwra, Robt. innkeeper, White Hart Inn, 55 and 56, Above-bar
Dodds, Isaac, yeoman, Sowley-house, Beaulieu
Dodds, Luke, esq. Hythe-house, Hythe
Doggett, Jos. flyman and beer retailer, 79, High-street
Doherty, Mrs. Geo. Hill-villa, Hill
Doherty (Mary E.) Mrs. Vernon-house, Waterloo-place
Doling, Geo. painter, Highfield
Doling, Moses, gardener, Sarisbury-green
Dollery, Thos. hotel and chop house, 128, High-street
Dolling, Wm. esq. surgeon, Beaulieu
Dominey (Eliz.) Miss, 28, High-street
Dominey, Geo. builder, 1, Milford-place

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