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Voucher, Rich, innkeeper, Three Horse Shoes, Botley
Crowley and Co. 81, High-street . _
Spf Oliver, greengrocer, 26, Beach-view, Chapel-road
Crump, Win. blacksmith, Westend Cudlipp, Joseph, carver, Bursledon
PnUrSarah) Mrs.lodging-house keeper, 16, Lansdowne-hill
Culverwell, Chas. Martin, tailor, 2 Sussex-terrace
Culverwell, Geo. cabinet maker, Gloucester-place, Shirley
Culverwell, Jas. tailor, 6, Castle-square
Cuming, Henry, builder, Redbridge
Cummins, Chas. cordwainer, 8, Canal-terrace
Cummins, Chas. wheelwright, 6, Orchard-lane
^f"g3^tJol^aof1ithTbftoa^f^ce, Albert-cot. Newtown
Cunningham, Michael, of the Ordnance Office, Shirley
Curtis, Absalom, beer retailer, 24, Orchard-lane
Curtis, Ann, 6, Pound-tree-lane
Curtis, Harriet, grocer, Hamble
Curtis, Jas. dairyman, Beckford-terrace
Curtis, John, 45, East-street
Curtis, John, shoemaker, Belle Yue-street, Charlotte-place Curtis, Mrs. 3, Upper North-front Curtis, Mrs. Pound-tree-lane
Curtis, Sam. Walter, .hairdresser, perfumer, and assistant-overseer,
51, Lower East-street (see adv.)
Cutbush, John, commercial traveller, Blenheim-cottage, Bitterne Cutler and Co. wine importers, 57, High-street Cutler, Wm. of the P. and 0. S. N. Co. 14, St. Mary's-street
Dacombe, Geo. stonemason, Three-field-lane
Dagwell, Joseph, mariner, Itchen Ferry
Dailey, George, of H.M. Customs, 10, Western-terrace
Dalglish & Bleaymire, shipping agents, and agents to the Liverpool
Fire & Life Insurance Company, 68, Okford-street Dalglish, James, ship agent, Providence-place, Shirley Dallison, Henry J. ship steward, 5, Latimer-street Dalton, A. and J. shoemakers, 17, Bridge-street Daly, Mr. 3, Queen's-terrace Damon, Mrs. Shirley-place, Shirley Damon (Jemima) Miss, Redbridge Dampier, Rev. Thos. Crabwood, Shirley Danson, Mrs. 14, Hamilton-terrace D'Aranda, Lieut. R.N. admiralty agent, 24, Bugle-street Dare, P. baker, 16, Carlton-place Dark, Wm. tea-dealer and accountant, 32, Albert-street Dashper, J. J. butcher, 48, Above-bar and 27, Bernard-street Dashwood, Thomas, esq. 14, West-front Davids, Elkana, jeweller, 149, High-street Davidson, Daniel, master of the poor-house, St. Mary's-street Davidson, Mrs. matron of the poor-house, St. Mary's-street Davie, Jas. builder, Lodge-road, Shirley
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