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Mrs. lodging-house keener, 3, Westgate-street Ohurch-
§311 issks^r*^'-
% Ke^mit, Cross-house, aad Pembroke-cot. Woolston Coles, Thos. poulterer, 8, Cumberland-street
Collins, James, cooper, 12, Bevois-street Collins, Jas. coal merchant, 4, Carlton-crescent Coffins, Jas. 0. artist, Upper Prospect-place
Coffim, M^ameAxna^professor of music and French, 2, Cranbury-place (see adv. p. 15)
Collis, B. B. shoemaker, 72, French-street Collis, Chas. bootmaker, 5, Bridge-street Collis, Joseph, steward, 6, Lion-street Collis, L. greengrocer, 9, Pound-tree-lane Collyer, John, plumber, 1, Latimer-street
Collyer, Mrs. 18, Above-bar . . , , +
Colman, Chas. F. agent for Barclay and Perkins, 81, High-street
Colson, Geo. Henry, coal merchant, Winkle-street
Colson, Jas. esq. Boundary-hall, Burgess-street, Stoneham
Colson (J.) and Sons, 31, Above-bar, & Winkle-street (see adv. p. 4
Colson, John, coal merchant, 3, Gloucester-square
Colson, Peter, 10, Hanover-buildings ^ ,
Colt, Major, Rownham's-house, Nursling
Colwell, Chas, painter, 24, TJnion-terrace J
Colwell, Jas. beer retailer, Rose and Crown, Highfield .
Company, Isle of Wight Steam Packet, 18, High-st. (seeadv. p. j*8) Company, New South Western Steam Navigation, 97? High-stree
(see adv. p. 80) _ , ^ . !
Company, Ocean Steam Navigation, Lottery-hall, Orchard-place; Company, Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation, 67, Hign-st. Company, Royal Mail Steam Packet, Winkle-street 1
Company, Solent Sea Steam Packet, 18, High-street Comper, Wm. 13, South-front, Kingsland-place Complin, Herbert, draper's assistant, 11, St. John's-street
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