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Four-fifths, or 80 per cent , of the Profits of Life Insurance divided amongst the participating Policy-holders of the ROYAL FARMERS' and GENERAL FIBE, LIFE, and ttatt, INSURANCE INSTITUTION. Offices, Strand, London. Capital, £500,000. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament.
The Guarantee of an Ample Capital and Exemption of the Assured from the Liability of Partnership.
Every Species of Life Insurance effected.
Low Rates of Premium.
The usual commission to Solicitors.
Additions actually made up at the 25th March, 1848, to the undermentioned Policies, belonging to Policyholders who availed themselves of Participation in Profits:—
Sum Assured Annual Premium Addition
<£5000 ^182 13 2 ^298
2000 44 1 8 100
1500 30 12 6 80
1000 16 0 0 48
500 9 6 3 23
300 6 15 9 16
Fire Insurance of every description effected at moderate premiums.
In future the charge by this Office for a Wind or Water Iron Mill, Brick or Timber built, or for the Contents, will be 5s. per cent., without reference to the number of pairs of stones.
Prospectuses and every information may be obtained of the Agents, or at the Head Office.
Wm. SHAW, Managing Director.
agents for southampton:
Mr. J. MORGAN, Surveyor, 60, Above Bar.
Mr. T. C. ELLIOTT, Cement Works, Millbank Wharf.
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