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miscellaneous information.

of the land and assessed taxes and property and income tax.
For the Borough of Southampton. Tax Office—Castle-lane.
John Witt, esq.
Samuel Chaplin, esq. Peter Breton, esq. General Machlaclan
William Oke, esq.
George Steed, esq., M.D. 'ox, esq.
commissioners appointed to supply vacancies.
Edward Lomer, esq. I Peter Dickson, esq.
Captain Ward, R. N. | Colonel Henderson, esq.
William James Le Feuvre, esq.
Clerk to the Commissioners—William Henry Newman, esq. Assistant Clerks—Mr. John Brice, and Mr. Edward Stanley Halladay.
For the Division of Southampton in the County of Hants. J. Sadleir Moody, esq. Capt. Breton
Joseph Bernard, esq. N. N. Jefferys, esq.
Edward H. Hulton, esq. J. H. Forbes, esq.
Captain Bold.
commissioners appointed to supply vacancies.
Charles Brett, esq. I Wm. Forder, esq.
George Parkhouse, esq. | Edmund Cooper, esq.
Clerk to the Commissioners—E. Hunt, esq., Hanover-buildings. Assistant Clerk—W. Witt, 5, Bevois-street.
Receiving Inspector—John Noyes, esq., Southampton. Surveyor—Mr. J. F. Loney. Assistant Surveyor—Mr. Richard Cooper.
COMMISSIONERS Appointed under the Act 3 and 4 Wm. IV., cap. 74, for the Abolition of
Fines and Recoveries.
E. Harrison, esq. W. H. Moberly, esq. W. H. Newman, esq. Thomas Hans Edwards, esq. Edward Coxwell, esq.
COMMISSIONERS OF THE PIER AND HARBOUR. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Councillors for the time being.
specific commissioners-
Mr. Edw. Lomer, Mr. Wm. Forder, jun. Mr. John Bennett Mr. Thos. Hill Mr. John Maber
Mr. Alfred Barling Mr. J. H. Cooksey Mr. Rich. Withers Mr. Joseph Ridges
The Acts of Parliament regulating the port and harbour of Southampton are the 43rd George III., cap. 21, and 50th George III., cap. 168; and those regulating the Southampton Royal Pier are the 1st and 2nd William IV., cap. 1, and the 1st Victoria, cap. 1.
Treasurer—Mr. John Kerr. Clerk—Mr. William Brooks.
Surveyor—Mr. J. D. Doswell.
Collector of Harbour and Wharfage Dues—Mr. E. Thring. __ Harbour-Master—Mr. William Tubbs.
Days of Meetings of Commissioners—alternate Mondays.
Annual Meeting for licensing Boatmen and Barrowmen, the last Wednesday in the month of March.
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