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In submitting the third edition of the Southampton Post Office Directory to the Public, it is hoped that it will be found deserving the liberal support it has uniformly received. It is gratifying to be able to announce, that the large number of Advertisers and Subscribers admit of the present edition being published at the same moderate price, (although containing much additional matter,) at which former editions have been rendered.
No pains or expense have been spared, which experience or industry could suggest, to render the present publication useful, accurate, and complete. The Miscellaneous Information will be found more extensive and valuable than that in former editions, and amongst various improvements will be found the arrangement of the List of Gentlemen's Seats, according to the surnames of the owners or residents, and the addition of the addresses of the tradesmen and professional gentlemen in the Professional and Trade Directory. The Street and Alphabetical Lists will be found far more copious than those in any former publication.
Several names were printed before the appearance of the recent Brevet, in which the naval and military officers of this town and neighbourhood were so distinguished.
A number of gentlemen connected with the town have, with their usual kindness, furnished or corrected the information contained in the miscellaneous and other portions of the Directory, for which the Compiler begs to tender his grateful thanks.
The attention of the nobility and gentry is respectfully solicited to the Advertising Directory. The professional gentlemen, merchants, and tradesmen, who have kindly patronised the present edition by advertising, and thus assisted in defraying the expense of the great labour of compiling, and the cost of publication, rank amongst the most eminent and worthy of patronage in their respective callings.
Post Officey Southampton, December, 1846.

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